Logitech diNovo

It is an extremely solid looking keyboard with a lot of features, it charges while sitting on the stand and from all the reviews I have read the battery life isn’t an issue. It has a touch disc scrolling which makes scrolling very easy as well as integrated features which Logitech is very good at. It seems to be functioning greatly for people who have a lot of requirements. The main issue I had with some wireless keyboards is the crappy distance but with Bluetooth it can easily reach up to 10 meters so that is another good point. It has a good incline so you can type without a wrist rest and the buttons seem to have the perfect resistance when you press it. Its a little bit on the pricy side, but it seems everyone is very satisified with this keyboard. Especially at the end of the day when you are done with the keyboard you put it in its base and it looks nice as well as charging.

Price: $170




Link: Amazon

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  1. zoomzoom

    funny how mac can’t get cool gadget like that, and that’s what i like about windows :)

  2. shit man..i’ve had my eyes ont his for a while now…im soo getting it along with the MX revolution mouse!

  3. Sexy, might be a treat later on for myself.

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    Well that’s not bad price in my opinion! I think if it as good as the people are saying it’ll be worth the money and even more!

  5. zoomzooom: It works with Apple!! hehehe!

    Stafa: its worth it!

    Jacqui: you should!

    Nora: yeah, thats what I’m saying!

  6. oohhh i really want this now.. but whats the point in having it when i got a laptop ;p

    i want i want..

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