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Work was a quite hectic today, I was driving from one place to the other. I literally was forgetting things I wanted to cover and I had a lot on my mind. My work load today was about an 8.5 out of 10 a usual day would be a 6.5 out of 10 which means I was busy but I had some breathing room. Today was a lot but the only thing on my mind was that my nephew was leaving us today and he was going back to his mom and dad. He made me look forward to going home everyday! Even tuesday when I passed out for a few hours I would wake up every few minutes to seeing coming up to me and then running away. He gave life to our home, and on Wednesday I picked him up and just carried him for a while and he just put his head on my shoulder, I honestly wanted to freeze the moment, he was awake and just facing the tv when I sat down in the living and my mother saw he was still awake. He just stayed like that for a while, I didn’t want him to go anywhere but I knew he had to go back to his mother since she left the hospital after little stay.

After he left I wanted to organize my room a little and I saw the pile of magazines, and I started putting some on the ground but I came to the realization that it would be impossible to go through these magazines since I really had to choose and so I put everything back and went out to Hawally to pick up some movies.

It was funny who showed up at night, and we did have a good time with two good movies and some good food. I also got in a round of Dynasty Warriors 5, since its on Hard it isn’t easy at all. This is going to be an interesting weekend, and a lot of people are traveling for the up coming holiday. I’m just hoping to chill this weekend, I’m planning to finish a lot of anime this weekend!

I tried trying the bike for a little while but my clutch was just off, I contacted Tristar and they came to my home and picked up the bike! Now thats service, I’m crossing my fingers hopefully they can get it sorted out tomorrow! I’m really hoping so because I want to ride without clutch issues, and I want to ride this weekend.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. always nice to have a small kid in the house. yellah man, give in and get married and get one of ur own :)

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    Fonzy why should he? Its not as easy as you think it is =P I’m a girl and I think it’s hard enough let alone if you’re a kuwaiti guy single in kuwait. You have so much freedom to do whatever you wanna do, getting married “in kuwait” is boring, unless you find someone that fulfills the lifestyle and mentality that you want in a marital relationship (which is very hard- trust me)… I say… stay single marzouq =P

  3. Missy-TheOriginal

    I think it’s wonderful that you work so hard. I love working hard so much but the problem with *gi6a3 il7okoma* is that when you do that they dont’ appreciate you and step on you and treat you like dirt. If you’re being appreciated for the hectic work you’re doing and you’re seeing work flourish than that’s (with no exaggeration) the most important thing in life- to a accomplish- is a reason to live!

  4. Zahed

    there we go again with that crap you watch LOL just kidding buddy.

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    If i ever get that busy at work and give it as much as you are giving to your work then it must be giving me a lot of money!! Cause I won’t do that other wise!

    Having a kid at home does give it more life, but I would rather a house with out them in it! It seems you’ll be a great father someday! :)

    You were organizing AGAIN?? You jest did some of that last week!!

    Hope you get your bike up running for your weekend today!

    I forgot about the holidays in Kuwait… It was fun those February holidays for me!! It did get out of control every now and then, but it was fun!

  6. Missy-TheOriginal I have to agree with you when you said “unless you find someone that fulfills the lifestyle and mentality that you want in a marital relationshi” The stay at home cooking and cleaning type of women isn’t something that men want anymore, nor do most women want to end up doing that as well. But finding someone on which you can have a fulfilling lifestyle and who would not only understand your mentality but accept it and be a part of it is well very difficult around where we are living due to alot of different reasons … so yeah stay single .. but that doesn’t mean you shun yourself away, keep your options open, you never know when life will throw someone interesting infront of you.

    As for reorganizing man i end up organizing shit around the house two or three times a week, i have a lot of stuff and it only takes me two days to make things messy again !!

  7. Fonzy: hehehe! It all comes when it comes! :)

    Missy: hehehe! It seems you have your own insite, well their are two sides to each coin, and I totally understand what you are saying. Everything in its own good time. I know what you mean about work, and in the government sector there is appreciation and no evaluation. So the one who is horrible is treated as the same as the people who work hard in the government sector.

    Zahed: I have to do the things that you guys don’t like! hehehe

    Nora: Work doesn’t pay a huge amount, but its good people and working with good people is the difference. I love having the kid in the house! And I have to keep organizing, somehow it gets messy again! hehehe! Yeah, my bike is having some issue! February holiday in Kuwait just isn’t what it used to be!

    fractal: you can find what you want in due time, but it all depends what you wnt really! Things get messy with me once I’m done organizing!

  8. Missy-TheOriginal

    fractal, its not about ‘cleaning and staying at home’ women here dont do that anymore- at least not the ones i know- they have careers and a huge social life. Let’s just put it this way: When “YOU” are different than the majority then it’s hard finding what you want, and ur right, there are people like you in terms of lifestyle and mentality but probably not in terms of other things like ethics or principles… ull get a headache if i go on with is, just tell me i’m right =P heheh

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