Bonsai Sandles



This is one of the most comfortable looking Sandles I have ever seen.They say it says cool in the heat and warm in the cold, I just want to try it out. It might be a little warm, but its worth trying for the sake of rediculous comfort.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. sorry man but those dont look comfortable at all… that looks like camel skin or something and look like they could heat u up big time summer or winter. either way, good luck

  2. Hashem

    I have never seen Bonsai Sandles like those before…..seems like their really comfortable ! but honestly i dont really think they would b cool in the summer… ESP IN AUG !! LOOOL !

  3. Zahed

    lol i guess your going to be getting some of those for everyone on wed sa7

  4. Cool or not, just looking at them makes me feel cozy! :)

    Though practically speaking, I don’t think they will handle well in hot weather.

  5. i second fonzy, those look like they could give you a serious rash or burn :/

  6. I am ordering some once my transfer goes thru, want a pair?

  7. Nora-Cassandra

    Those look nice and comfortable! I think I could get a pair for my man for his next year’s Christmas gift. They do come in handy when it’s cold inside!!!

  8. I think they would be mega warm in the winter, and mega cool in the summer .. it is like how drinking tea in the summer makes you cool ….. Just google it

  9. Missy-TheOriginal

    cuuuutee!!! i’m ALWAYS cold at home all seasons, especially with marbled floorings… bsides men’s slippers and sandles are so comfy to wear! Use my dad’s sometimes, They’d slip out of my feet but I bet these wud be super comfy! but the thing in the middle that seperate the finger might hurt…looks very big… not for tiny feet :/

  10. a7es-hom wayed more7en o ydafoooon wayed.. i wanna try 1 shlon ?!

  11. Fonzy: hahahaha! It seems like you really don’t like it! hehe! All you can do is try them out! hehehe!

    Hashem: hehehe! Its for around the house!

    Zahed: Mintaw Kafoo! hahaha

    Sabah: hehehe! try em and let us know!

    extinct dodo: looooool!

    nibaq: No I’m all good! But let us know how good it is!

    Jacqui: then try them!

    Nora: Especially for where you are they would be good!

    BLaSha: yup they do!

    fractal00: Somewhat like that!

    Missy: You would be surprised how comfortable it is! Try it out, I think it might be a soft strap and very easy to slip on!

    daloom: order them! thats the only way, ma at’waqa3 mawjoodeen bil ikwait.

    eshda3wa: I bet it is!

  12. they look like sandal heaven..
    they might feel like Uggs which are extremly comfortable..

  13. They sure look comfortable. I’m getting me one :)

  14. Amo0ora: yup they do look comfortable!

    Angelo: if you do, let us know how comfortable they are!

    1001: loool! why?

    cixousianpanic: I agree! :)

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