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Night In


I decided that Friday evening I will be visiting family, so Thursday night me and friend decided to get together after work and do a few things we wanted to do! Play some games, watch anime, and eat some food.

We played 2.5 hours of Dynasty Warrios and it was one hell of an up hill battle! It was insane and good, we really put a lot of tactics into Dynasty Warrios 5, and we were up to our necks in battles. We had to choose our fight and figure out how to take out an enemy who was more powerful then us, but we only had him in front of us, but on his side he had to worry about three fronts. We did a great job, and we are building our army, trying to play it safe as well as build up defenses. After a while of thise we decided to start the anime series we wanted to finish.

Started Ghost in the Shell: 2nd GIG at 8pm and we finished two discs by 11pm, I passed out a bit but he would wake me up and I would wake him up. We were on a mission. We want to finish the whole series soon, and I have all the episodes. So it was a good night, since we really got into the story figured things out.