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Robo Out of Commission


I got a call Thursday morning from the Tristar Garage telling me that my clutch is malfunctioning and my Clutch Master Cylinder needs to be replaced since it also isn’t functioning. So they said they have one part in stock and the other they have to order. I was happy they figured out what was the issue, I thought there might have been some air in the line or the clutch needed some tweaking, but at least I know now what is going on and that it can be fixed, but it is a bit frustrating that I can’t have my bike.

I got a call that same morning from Tristar telling me that they would send me a bike to test ride for a few days since I couldn’t make the test ride they had a few weeks ago. I thought it was great of them to give me a bike for the weekend, and it arrived at my house around 6:30pm which isn’t too bad since I want to ride Friday morning. I have to say that it is one very unique looking bike and its going to be fun to ride. Of course I will take care of it like it’s my own bike and take it easy. This is going to be a fun ride tomorrow! I will be taking lots of pictures.