CamAm Spyder


This vehicle is between a car and a motorcycle. Its powered by a 900CC V-Twin engine and seems to look fast! Its probably really comfortable and its more sporty looking then a Honda Goldwing. I’m just curious how it handles, and how fast it goes.









Link: Gizmag

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I love it!!! I want to try it!! I think it will be quite fast riding it!!

  2. zoomzoom

    i think it’s good for people who want to try biking without learning bike, i mean the sided tires making things a little easier.

  3. Jafar

    I think it is just a fad. for me one of the reasons for ridding a bike is to filter through traffic.With this vehicle you can not. You have to stay in traffic behind cars without the convinients of a car,,,,so what’s the purpose !

  4. Nora: hehehe! Yeah I bet its fast!

    zoomzoom: I don’t think thats the case, people who ride bikes tend to have a keener sense of driving so they would need that to ride this machine.

    Jafar: its just something enjoyable, but I agree bikes are a lot more fun.

  5. mustafa

    bikes Two Wheel a lot more fun & Challenge *

  6. Honda VFR800

    This bike isnt a bike its a snowmobile with wheels.. you cant wheelie it.. you cant take corners on it like any other bike on two wheels.. it looks like something oldmen should drive.. mabey that was the point of building it.. THE UP side of this spyder is its alot safer, me living in florida all the retired oldies dont look for bikes that one seems big enough to see. its probably a good running bike, if i owned one i would take it to the beach and jump it into the gulf of mexico. its a high priced beach cruiser

  7. Leilani

    I seen the Spyder Cam-Am on the news this morning. I love it. It is very stylish. Being a female street bike rider, I like fast street bikes, unique looking and stands out. This really stands out from the rest. This should be big with the cruiser riders. I would buy one so fast and flip it out big time.

  8. It looks good. There are many trike designs out but this is one I thought was unique, because I thought I was the only one who had the idea. I could never get the design right either. My plan was slightly different than whats shown here though. Simply dubbed Sport Trike I see I have some work cut out for me.

  9. Merle Fricke

    I have seen one and talk to the man about it and it is so cool. Would love to know were I can get one and what the cost of it would be.

  10. Jim Spencer

    i started riding at 23, my first bike was a bridgestone 185 so most of you kids were only a dream in your daddy’s eye at that time. i now ride a bmw 1100 and put 12,000 mile on it a year. i am now 66 and just don’t feel safe holding it up, i’am not going to stop riding so the spyder mybe my next ride.

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