Danger Bomb Alarm Clock


This product came out in Japan, you have to reconnect the wires to get the alarm to switch off, and you have to reconnect them in the right order.

I see no ramifications from this kind of product, none what so ever.

Link: Engadget

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i think i need one
    i only seem to wake up easily when theres an arsenal game on tv :P
    (830 am now, arsenal’s match started at 7.35, i woke up at 7 :P)

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    This alarm clock might work with my husband!

    He would only wake up for a football match or Formula1 race! I have to call him like 3 times from school to make sure he woke up! And if I’m out of the country I have to still make those phone calls!

    Yazeed: I hope your woman won’t have to go through what i have to go through sometimes!

  3. I would not want to have a few, bought in Japan, and pass through airport security.

  4. Missy-TheOriginal

    How annnooooying!! I’d probably reach out to it blindly at the side table and throw it at the wall if this was my clock and go back to sleep! =P

  5. ok, so what happens when u just ignore the alarm? does it really explode?

  6. amjad mahfouz: order it and let us know if it comes through! hehehe

    Yazeed: looooool! I know what you mean!

    Nora: looooooool! Now thats funny!

    Don Veto: hehehehe! I want to see the security guy’s face! hehehe

    Missy: It will keep on going! hehehe!

    Mark: hell yeah!

    Swair: looool! It just keeps on going!

    BLaSha: hehehe!

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