Friday Ride


I was supposed to get up at 9:00 am but since I slept so late that wasn’t going to happen. I got up at 11:00am and I really wanted to ride, first thing I did was get out of bed to check out the weather. It was nice, so me and Mark decided to meet up for a ride in this nice weather.

Tristar sent me a very nice bike to try for the weekend, it was a Ducait Sport Classic 1000 Monoposto. This bike oozes quality, and its a true Cafe Racer. When I saw that bike it gives another name for red blooded Italian, when I was on it, I got this image in my head of the engineers in Italy working on the bike and polishing it before shipping it off. When I started up the engine I really felt that this V-Twin really rumbled the right way, and I knew that this bike is meant to handle curves. I wanted to take it easy on the bike since it was still being broken in.

We started off from Marina Parking lot and headed down the Gulf Road, we wanted to go the whole way, but cut off at Jibla and turned out there was a Hala Febrayer event taking place. Then we took some inside roads to the second ring road so that we could cut across and take a different route to the Gulf Road, it was nice since traffic was light. We were enjoying ourselves, and Mark is riding better then before.

It was a fun day and towards the end when I was heading home there was some cross wind which was getting annoying since I was really enjoying riding the bike. The bike has a lot going for it, and I like its class Cafe Racer look. It was a nice day of riding! I just felt that its getting a bit hot, I really want the weather to stay cold until at least May. This Ducati even gave me a reason to wear my Red helmet.




























Link: Ducati

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I love the way those Italians make the Ducatis just to look as the sexiest bikes on road! I got to say I’ve always been in love with the Ducati!

    I’m glad you had a nice ride! Hope you getting better though with the cold you got? I’m happy that I have some one to ask about any bike when I need to know something.

    Keep those cool pictures coming! :)

  2. really nice marzouq

    i can’t explain why i enjoy reading about your rides … maybe i imagine myself riding :p (something unlikely to happen)

  3. Jafar

    cool pictures,get well soon and do not miss out while the weather is still good for ridding.

  4. lfc-q8

    so Z do u like the ducati more than robo? i love the side mirrors very nice :)

  5. i love the retro look of this bike.

  6. Nora: I agree its beautiful! The cold is worse but hopefully it will get better! I will keep posting as many pictures as possible. I will also be writing a wrap up about the bike!

    Laialy: hehehe! 7amdilla your enjoying them :)

    Jafar: Thanks, I will try to get better soon to keep on riding!

    lfc-q8: The side mirrors are cool, and the quality of the bike overall is fantastic. I don’t think that can be said that I like one more then the other. They are two different bikes!

    Mark: Same here!

  7. trixter

    hey marzouq,
    cool nice photos,,weather wasnt good that after noon.
    thats why we didnt ride far

  8. trixter: yes I agree, it was great in the morning but towards the afternoon it got bad.

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