Spinning… invertedly


I am completely out of it, and I know I have work tomorrow. It got really bad today but I have been acting normally while my mother was in the house and I was happy she had something to do since she rarely goes out so I didn’t want to ruin her night. As soon as she left I headed straight for the International Clinic to a Doctor that I know. I asked him to check me out, and I waited about an hour since there were a few couple’s and a mother & daughter in front of me. I didn’t mind, I was just completely out of it. I dont even know how I drove there, reallllyyyy slowly I think. My nose is going to fall out at this rate and it feels like I have a Tyco truck shoved in my throat. When I saw the doctor he said you have a bacteria infection and it has been at least five days since it started! I’m just happy I didn’t let it ruin my weekend, so he gave me an antibiotic shot and some medication if I don’t feel better tomorrow. I am feeling dizzy as hell, I don’t even know how I got home, my arm was hurting like crazy because it wasn’t a normal injection it was a seringe pump into my arm, so I could feel some pain in my arm.

I’m hoping to feel better soon, and I can’t skip work since I have a lot of work due tomorrow, I’m going to try to finish it early and head home. My head feels all tingly and a slight headache but I’m hoping to pass out soon! I’m having some Bounty just because I wanted something and didn’t feel like real food! And Doc basically said I’m fat hahaha, its the one thing that made me laugh. At that point I was too tired to care!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jafar

    You should not go to work tomorrow man no mater what ! You won’t get well if you do not rest enough eventhough you maight think you are up to it, plus you do not want to infect someone else at work.Take it easy for few days so that you really enjoy the upcoming long weekend. I am heading to Dubai then Qatar to see the World Superbike Championship’s opening race on Sat 24th.Watch it on Al-Jazeera Sport

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon :) It’s cute that you still had the energy to type that out :P

    Nice blog you have here :)

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    You made me feel so bad! :(

    I hope you’ll feel better soon, and get you strength back!

    We’re praying for you here! :)

  4. i hope you feel better soon
    and lots of vitamine c
    matshoof shar

  5. 1. ma etshoof shar
    2. you really should take of yourself
    3. don’t get near your nephew :p
    4. LMAO about what the doctor said

  6. my friend had the same virus, and that shot made him feel worse.. but he had to visit the clinic 3 days in a row for that shot..
    hope you get better soon…

  7. Jafar: I had to go to work, I tend to be stubborn and want to finish up a few things. Enjoy the WSB!!! I will watch it on Jazeera Sport, thanks for telling me!

    Venus: Thank you! Happy you enjoying the Blog!

    Nora: Thank you, Dont worry. I’m very stubborn so hopefully I will be fine! :)

    esda3wa: Thanks! Shar ma eyeech! Mashkoora!

    Laialy: looool! I love the lists! yeah I know I started laughin when the doctor said that! “I’m not fat I’m Big BONED!” hehehe

    Zed: thanks man, that shot killed me. It was a shot it was 3 CC syringe which hurt like hell!

  8. Call someone to drive you next time, if you’re really that out of it! Hell, I’d have even done it… but mostly to laugh at the doc calling you fat.

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