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Spinning… invertedly


I am completely out of it, and I know I have work tomorrow. It got really bad today but I have been acting normally while my mother was in the house and I was happy she had something to do since she rarely goes out so I didn’t want to ruin her night. As soon as she left I headed straight for the International Clinic to a Doctor that I know. I asked him to check me out, and I waited about an hour since there were a few couple’s and a mother & daughter in front of me. I didn’t mind, I was just completely out of it. I dont even know how I drove there, reallllyyyy slowly I think. My nose is going to fall out at this rate and it feels like I have a Tyco truck shoved in my throat. When I saw the doctor he said you have a bacteria infection and it has been at least five days since it started! I’m just happy I didn’t let it ruin my weekend, so he gave me an antibiotic shot and some medication if I don’t feel better tomorrow. I am feeling dizzy as hell, I don’t even know how I got home, my arm was hurting like crazy because it wasn’t a normal injection it was a seringe pump into my arm, so I could feel some pain in my arm.

I’m hoping to feel better soon, and I can’t skip work since I have a lot of work due tomorrow, I’m going to try to finish it early and head home. My head feels all tingly and a slight headache but I’m hoping to pass out soon! I’m having some Bounty just because I wanted something and didn’t feel like real food! And Doc basically said I’m fat hahaha, its the one thing that made me laugh. At that point I was too tired to care!