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Work… meh


So I went into work completely out of wack, and I had a meeting from the morning with my boss and we had a few things to discuss. When he saw me, after reading some paper work he asked what the hell happened. I look like a truck hit me, then proceeded to back over me! I started laughing, but when that happened I almost coughed my lungs out! hehehe! He said I should go home and I refused! I had things to finish up, and he said I would drop dead at work, then I said its my problem not his! So we finished up and I kept on going.

Then a coworker of my came in wanting to ask something from me and when she saw me she said “Oh My God, You Look Horrible!!!” I just started laughing there was nothing much I can do. It has been an interesting day, I have been sweating like crazy, a little bit of dizziness but I headed home after finishing my meeting at 3:30pm whih wasn’t too bad. I know I should have went earlier but I really couldn’t.

I will be watching copious amounts of anime when staying at home!