Work… meh


So I went into work completely out of wack, and I had a meeting from the morning with my boss and we had a few things to discuss. When he saw me, after reading some paper work he asked what the hell happened. I look like a truck hit me, then proceeded to back over me! I started laughing, but when that happened I almost coughed my lungs out! hehehe! He said I should go home and I refused! I had things to finish up, and he said I would drop dead at work, then I said its my problem not his! So we finished up and I kept on going.

Then a coworker of my came in wanting to ask something from me and when she saw me she said “Oh My God, You Look Horrible!!!” I just started laughing there was nothing much I can do. It has been an interesting day, I have been sweating like crazy, a little bit of dizziness but I headed home after finishing my meeting at 3:30pm whih wasn’t too bad. I know I should have went earlier but I really couldn’t.

I will be watching copious amounts of anime when staying at home!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    You’re just out of you mind! Trying to die young?

    I really hope you get some rest when you get hope, and feel better by tomorrow!


  2. off topic… i know you are into bikes… i have a canadian license and it cant be switched… i wanna register for classes, its been a while and i need practice… plus i need to do some hours before i do the test ….

    where do you reccommend i take courses ..

  3. Hope u feel better cuz bein sick sucks!

  4. Missy-TheOriginal

    Seriously, what are you trying to do, commit suicide? You know, there’s a thin line here between responsilbility and self-torment marzouq- c’mon man, lay off it! Sit ur booty at home and enjoy the ur anime =P

  5. Mo Hat

    zed atleast say salamat to the guy, damn. Hope you get better Marzouq.

  6. Zabo0o6a

    salamat yal’3aley matsho0f shar :) get well so0n inshalla

  7. i think you should refrain from posting while sick too :p
    “whih” i think you meant which

  8. Nora: Yeah I got some rest! hehehe

    Zed: if you need to train then go to Tristar they can even help you get a license.

    Swair: alah e3afeech

    NoNoWa: thanks!

    Missy: looool! I just had a few things I needed to do which were important!

    Mo Hat: Thanks man, I hope your getting better too!

    Zabo0o6a: shar ma eyeech mashkoora!

    Laialy: loooool! sorry I’m out of whack! hehehe

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