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A Few Things


I have gotten a few parts which will be added to Robo while in the shop since he is getting fixed, he should also get fixed up! There is one thing I want to get for myself which is the back protector to slip into my Dainese jackets. There are other back protectors which cover the whole spine from top to bottom, but that isn’t what I want to currently wear. This will do the job and I can change it from jacket to jacket since most of my jackets are Dainese. I will be asking Tristar to pick it up for me since they are the Dainese dealers in Kuwait, and I have noticed that their prices are very reasonable and I’m not in a hurry to pick it up so I can wait a bit.


I just wish we had a damn track in Kuwait. What most riders like doing is taking turns as best they can, and enjoy the apexes in each turn. Not just wheeling in the middle of damn traffic. If we had a track I would be there everyweek if possible to enjoy the track and it can be rented out to clubs which would be cool as hell. These people in government don’t realize that if they do this it will keep a lot of people of the streets and they can let loose in their vehicles and bikes. I even heard they are shutting down the dragstrip which is a huge mistake, they said because its the noise disturbance to the houses which have been recently built. Didn’t they think that a house next to a dragstrip wouldn’t work! Just give us a plot of land in the middle of no where and people will go!