A Few Things


I have gotten a few parts which will be added to Robo while in the shop since he is getting fixed, he should also get fixed up! There is one thing I want to get for myself which is the back protector to slip into my Dainese jackets. There are other back protectors which cover the whole spine from top to bottom, but that isn’t what I want to currently wear. This will do the job and I can change it from jacket to jacket since most of my jackets are Dainese. I will be asking Tristar to pick it up for me since they are the Dainese dealers in Kuwait, and I have noticed that their prices are very reasonable and I’m not in a hurry to pick it up so I can wait a bit.


I just wish we had a damn track in Kuwait. What most riders like doing is taking turns as best they can, and enjoy the apexes in each turn. Not just wheeling in the middle of damn traffic. If we had a track I would be there everyweek if possible to enjoy the track and it can be rented out to clubs which would be cool as hell. These people in government don’t realize that if they do this it will keep a lot of people of the streets and they can let loose in their vehicles and bikes. I even heard they are shutting down the dragstrip which is a huge mistake, they said because its the noise disturbance to the houses which have been recently built. Didn’t they think that a house next to a dragstrip wouldn’t work! Just give us a plot of land in the middle of no where and people will go!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. when you find out how much it costs can you tell me, maybe will order one with you.

  2. Just come to the next GulfRun! I still see cones when I enter a turn.

    Kuwait has an area that is supposed to be for a track .. the ‘rab6a’ doesn’t have money to do anything with it tho (and the baladiya hasn’t passed on the authoization).

  3. Missy-TheOriginal

    Why don’t you make ur dream come true? Maybe in your biker community, you can discuss this and then join up forces and add the fees necessary. You men have a lot of contacts n e way and likuwait z’3ira. Who knows maybe it’ll grow and become a whole motorbike club or something =P

  4. Missy-TheOriginal

    O… O..wait I have more ideas…the Moterbike club…ull call it something like “Moto Club or Biker lounge or something”. Filled with Cafes… that Harley store in marina… um cigar room, billiard room, lockers, a library with moto books, a membership according to club nomination… like those sophisticated wine clubs in the frasier show! hehehe… Marzouq will be the club president, Mark will be the vice president, this K guy will be the coordinator and if u allow women in, i’ll be handling P.R. =P

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I think if you try hard enough and get the right people’s support you could get that track done! Even a biker club like Missy said!

    You should really try to do that!! It’ll do so much good to everyone, even the country! Think about it!

  6. There are people that want to get a track created in Kuwait; but lack of money and government bureaucracy is holding them back. And honestly, at our current rate .. I don’t think we can match the tracks in Bahrain/Abu-Dhabi.

  7. protection is really good … (that sentence on it’s own sounds really bad) but you know what i mean

    i think a race track would be a plus for kuwait … however, it might be something private investors might want to look into, maybe someone who has a passion in this sort of stuff and has the pocket, plus knowing the right people (if you know what i mean)

  8. jewaira

    I think it is time that bikers were presented as mature hobbyists who are represented by an association which lobbies for their rights to practice their pasttime under the safest possible conditions.

    With more regulation, everyone will be happier.

    Start something Marzouq and like others have suggested, it is better to seek the support of the private sector.

  9. Mark: Will do! I will order one for you!

    K: I think I will be joining you guys! Cones! hehehe! I dont know if I can go on the track with my bike though or if its the smartest thing to do with cars on the track as well.

    Missy: the money is there and there are two to three motorcycles clubs. Harley Ducati BMW, they are as big as they should be to pull something like this off, but the powers that be are too stubborn.

    Loool! Missy I see you like the idea of an exclusive club with some cool people in it! It sounds like a good idea, I wish it was possible with specific rules!

    Nora: We have tried but the powers that be dont see how they could profit from it so they are not willing to let it happen. I think it would be fantastic!

    K: The money is there, but the bureaucracy is whats killing us!

    Laialy: Its a lot more difficult then you think, there are some people with deep pockets, but the problem is the government, they won’t let it happen because they will try to squeeze as much money out of it as possible.

    Jewaira: The first problem is that there are some idiot riders out there who think of this as just a little toy, and they aren’t mature at all. The regulations need to be reasonable and implemented, like a real training course and testing for motorcyclists. The private sector would be willing to help as long as they are not the ones how have to deal with the government

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