Delete Eraser


I surprised it took someone so damn long to come up with this! I dont even remember when was the last time I used an eraser, I usually use an Eraser if I’m sketching
something I want to keep so I can slowly fix it up, but this is one hell of a cool Eraser!

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I love writing with pencils!! And I think this is the coolest eraser I have seen for long time!!! I want one!!!

  2. 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeb
    you know now that i think about it … i think it would be super cool if the keyboard buttons felt as soft as erasers

  3. lol that is very creative… but doesnt look feasible to hold while erasing cos of all the curves

  4. Nora: hehehe! I think you can easily get it in Europe! I like pencils especially when I sketch! I love mechincal pencils so I dont need to sharpen them, but regular pencils for shading!

    Laialy: being that soft would be pretty cool, but they would erod with use!

    Fonzy: yup its cool! I think it would do fine as an eraser!

  5. I’ve got one that has a message box with “Are you sure you want to erase?”.

  6. moodi: hehehe, I just got one of those Erasers that erase right away and are made from a fine rubber instead of the really white kind that get stained by the lead for some reason.

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