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Digital Sound Projectors

I have been looking into this since if you can’t put a huge amount of speakers in your home this is a good alternative. The Yamaha seem to have the high-end which is the YSP-1100 and the medium which is the YSP-900. And Mirage has the UNI-Theater which also caters to this type of speaker. These types of speakers usually have the ability to adjust their output to the size of the room with their technology so the output becomes better, but what differentiates them is which ones does it better. I curious to see which one does it better, but you have to find the right application for it.

Yamaha YSP-1100

Price: $1700

Link: Engadget YSP-1100



Mirage UNI-Theater

Price: $600

Link: Mirage


Yamaha YSP-900

Price: $600

Link: Engadget YSP-900