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Moleskine Journals


I first discovered this little note book in Waterstones about 5 years ago, and I love these notepads. There are two sizes, and they come as normal pads, dayplanners, calendars, city guides, and different ways of opening them. And these come blank, lined, and squared. A great feature of all the notebooks is a little pouch in the back which I usually use to store cards in.



Every meeting I go to I always write down what was mentioned and if their were any dates or specific things I have to remember to go back to. And even if I have ideas or things I want to do I write them down in this little book that I carry with me. I have found a few people that carry this and its always interesting to see what they write in it, and I know for a fact that they love these little books because they can do so much with them and are made of very high quality. If ever you wanted a notepad or notebook to jot down ideas and even sketching then I really recommend these treasures of creativness!


Link: Moleskines