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I first discovered this little note book in Waterstones about 5 years ago, and I love these notepads. There are two sizes, and they come as normal pads, dayplanners, calendars, city guides, and different ways of opening them. And these come blank, lined, and squared. A great feature of all the notebooks is a little pouch in the back which I usually use to store cards in.



Every meeting I go to I always write down what was mentioned and if their were any dates or specific things I have to remember to go back to. And even if I have ideas or things I want to do I write them down in this little book that I carry with me. I have found a few people that carry this and its always interesting to see what they write in it, and I know for a fact that they love these little books because they can do so much with them and are made of very high quality. If ever you wanted a notepad or notebook to jot down ideas and even sketching then I really recommend these treasures of creativness!


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  1. Missy-TheOriginal

    lol, I can’t believe there’s a Kuwaiti who knows about Moleskine’s!!!I’ve been using Moleskine’s note books for almost 10 years now. These little notebooks are literally ‘legendary’. There’s a little story behind them. They were used by European artists and intellectuals such as: Ernest Hemingway, Bruce Chatwin (Travel writer) and the Parisian Avant-Garde. It is mainly Chatwin’s fault that they’re famous today. He used to stock on them before his every journey. He used to tell his friends and his friends told their friends and that’s how it got famous!!

    Originally they used to come just in black but now you can find them in so many colors and design. You also find them in every bookshop (not only in waterstones) – all over Europea. Last summer from the UK, I got the Diary kind which is longer than the small journal but the width is narrower. It is very handy! It has weekly, monthly and daily pages- very compact and I just love how handy they feel in my hands and I just adore the small leather strap with magnetic that closes the little book- it goes “tick…tick” whenver u close it. I feel I wanna hug it! =P hehe

  2. i wish my illustrations were as good as the above…
    my moleskine is really messy and filled with my ugly handwriting

  3. Get a PDA … it talks back to you and tells you when your to-dos are up =D …

    Just Kidding …. i mostly use Moleskines for my scribbles and writings especially when i am stuck in an airport somewhere after a delayed flight (stupid gulf airways)

  4. Missy: looool! I dont think you are the only one! You would be surprised how many people have them. I know now they come in different colors but I still prefer the black one! hehehe! The original! I knew about the story, but I just wanted to describe how good the notepad is without the legend!

    Mark: don’t worry mine is ugly too!

    fractal: A PDA can’t do what this notepad does and you dont feel as satisfied. Its good to jot down ideas!

    Laialy: its worth it!

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