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Quick Change


I got up this morning thinking I had a few things to finish up at work, but that was different then what my body was saying. I woke up at 6:00am hot as hell and I really wanted to cool off. I tried getting up but I was having a hard time, it felt like my joints were all rusted up for the past 50 years. I need some WD 40 or something, I looked at my watch and thought I was good for time, I got from bed and sat on my chair, then I really couldn’t move. After 30 mins of not doing anything specific I switched back to bed.

I got a few phone calls which I had to take between 8:00am to 10:00am to make sure a few things at work was sorted out. Then I was in light sleep, a few people at work and some family kept calling, I have this weird thing that I always pick up the damn phone! But once they hear my voice I make the Cookie Monster sound like Mariah Carey! hehehehe! I woke up around 3:00pm and I feel better but still out of it!