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Me & Soups


I have this weird thing about soups! I really dislike soups except a select few. Soups just don’t do it for me and it reminds me of being sick and I really dislike being sick so it has kind of stuck in my head since I was very young. It has to be very tasty soup for me to like it, and I will remember it, but usually Im reluctant to having soup.

The two kinds of soup that I really like are:

  • Hot n Sour Soup
  • Miso Soup


I have to order these whenever I get a chance! It hits the spot for me! I would have an endless amount of Miso Soup and Hot n Sour Soup if possible, I remember whenever I had a cold I would order some chinese food and large bucket of Hot n Sour soup! It was like an endless abyss no matter how much I had it wouldn’t finish and it cleared my nose alright!