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Naruto Shippuuden


Naruto has just finished 9 seasons, it has been many years since Naruto first aired! It was back in 2002 but it feels much longer then that. There are have been many climaxes in this series with Naruto and his friends. Some very dramatic scenes where you got pulled into and some very comedic ones. I find a lot of the music very nostalgic especially from season 9. Some people have said there have been too many fillers in the series, but I disagree I think they were just creating different storylines to develop Naruto and his friends. I have been watching this anime for years and I hope for more years to come.

Now the story starts with Naruto coming back from his two year training and everybody looks like they have matured, I’m extremely excited about watching it and seeing more episodes. There is a lot more to the story now, and each one of them has developed as well as Naruto, and Naruto has more enemies in front of him now. The stories in the dark are slowly unfolding so it will get very interesting. I know there will be some entertaining stories and then there will be the deep stories that will unfold. I can’t wait for the next episode.


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