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This is a list of those who I love, enjoy, and hate on 24! This is a very comprehensive list, from season 1 to season 6 of all the people that I care to mention and some aren’t mentioned because they aren’t worth mentioning.

Those who I adore in 24!

  • Jack Bauer
  • Tony Almeda
  • Michelle Dessler
  • Chloe O’Brian (She is the CTU Analyst that supported Jack no matter whats the consequence, and she wouldn’t take crap from anyone no matter who they were)
  • Edgar Stiles (He was an extremely good Analyst as well, and he stuck his neck out a few times in his querky way, I was saddened that he died)
  • Milo Pressman (Another analyst thats smart and he helps Jack out when he can, good guy!)
  • Morrison O Brian (He is a the sarcastic british analyst who I can’t get enough of, smart and funny, always finds a way around)
  • David Palmer (A great man who always supported Jack, and gave him the necessary power!)
  • Aaron Pierce (Secret Service, protecting David Palmet and up until Season 5, a great man)
  • Wayne Palmer (The Brother of David Palmer, he proves himself! Great Guy)
  • James Heller (Secretary of Defense in Season 4, he supported Jack and employed him)
  • Audrie Heller Raines (She worked for her father, and also fell in love with Jack, and Jack loved her, she cared for Jack)
  • Paul Raines (Season 4, He was a bit of prick, seperated from Audrie, but later on proved himself to help Jack a lot)
  • Bill Buchanan (He was in an administrative position but always putting his neck out for Jack, so he’s got my vote!)
  • Curtis Manning (Tactical Head at CTU, he helped Jack in lots of situations and he was put in some tough situations)
  • Habib Marwan (He was an extremely intelligent terrorist who is the bad guy you love, he was acceptable to being Jack’s enemy)


Those who make 24 interesting!

  • George Mason (Season 1 – 3, Sometimes hindered Jack but helped in the end.)
  • Ryan Chapelle (Season 1- 3, he was an annoyance to Jack, but his end is what won me over)
  • Mike Novik (President Palmer’s assistant)
  • Kim Bauer (She was good sometimes, but I think the show is better without her, her side stories were very annoying after a while.)
  • Kate Warner (Victim in Season 2 that works with Jack)
  • Chase Edmunds (Jack’s Partner)
  • Tom Baker (Swat guy that supports Jack!!)
  • Ramon Salazar (Season 3, They were the ones who were getting the virus and between the two Salazars they were an interesting combination)
  • Hector Salazar (Season 3, The angrier one of the brother)
  • Claudia (Season 3, She fell for Jack Bauer from the Salazars just like every women should)
  • Stephen Saunders (The other bad guy from Season 3, he was a cool English bad guy, I liked him)
  • Behrooz Araz (The poor young persian guy who was almost killed by his father, and even after helping CTU he was taken by the terrorists, poor guy was really screwed!)
  • Lynn McGill (He was the guy who came from the head office trying to run CTU on Season 5 trying to push Buchanan aside, it was funny seeing them handle him, he was annoying but at the end he was ok.)
  • Cheng Zhi (He was the guy from the Chinese consulat that was chasing after Jack, it made things interesting)


Those who I want dead.

  • Nina Myers (She betrayed Jack, that is all) (Dead)
  • Sherry Palmer ( I hated this bitch from day one!) (Dead)
  • Victor Drazen (The Drazens were full of themselves, and they deserved what they got) (Dead)
  • Andre Drazen (Dead)
  • Alexis Drazen (Dead)
  • Marie Warner (She was nuts, I was happy she died!) (Dead)
  • Peter Kingsely (Prick, he thought he could get away with what he was doing) (Dead)
  • Navi Araz (Bastard tried killing his wife and kid for the cause! Now thats screwed up!) (Dead)
  • John Logan (I hated the bastard in season 4 as Vice President and Season 5 as President! He was an ass and desereves to die!)
  • Miles Papazien (He was an annoying prick in Season 5, an administrative guy who was always slowing Bauer down!)
  • Graem Bauer ( I hate the bastard and its simple as that!) (Dead)
  • Christopher Henderson (He is supposed to be Jack’s mentor, but turns out he is the bastard that is trying to kill him!)
  • Walt Cummings (Season 5,Worked with John Logan, he was trying to kill Jack and a complete ass, I wanted him dead!)
  • Thomas Lennox (He is an annoying bastard in Season 6, I dont know whats going to happen to him but I want him killed!)
  • Abu Fayed – (He pisses me off, I can’t wait until Jack puts a bullet through his head!)

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  1. Sweet… I’m on Season 4 and didn’t know Edgar dies!!!

    I had a feeling there were going to be spoilers but I took the chance anyway… aaarrggh!

  2. Definitely one of the best shows ever on TV. Just 1 point:

    “Behrooz Araz (The poor young persian guy who…..” Even though Behrooz is an Iranian name, and both the mother and the actor who played Behrooz are Iranian-American, the Araz family were not Iranian.

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    I didn’t read this article!! I’m so worried season 6 will get spoiled or I’ll find out stuff that I don’t want to find out about!

    24 is the best TV series ever!! I love it with the entire one’s you love in it or hate!! Can you imagine 24 without Nina? I can’t I just love hating her, if you know what I mean!!

  4. Still don’t watch that show… I don’t think I can get into it but who knows.

  5. sabah: sorry man! I was very passionate when writing it!

    Magical Droplets: I agree! It is the best! Its true they didn’t say Iranian but thats the feel people got from it. Every person kept thinking they were from Iran. The problem is all the actors always play Persians in movies so thats how they thought about it.

    Nora: loooool! I love hating these people! hehehe! I want to shoot them myself!

    Jacqui: You need to watch it!

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