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24 List


This is a list of those who I love, enjoy, and hate on 24! This is a very comprehensive list, from season 1 to season 6 of all the people that I care to mention and some aren’t mentioned because they aren’t worth mentioning.

Those who I adore in 24!

  • Jack Bauer
  • Tony Almeda
  • Michelle Dessler
  • Chloe O’Brian (She is the CTU Analyst that supported Jack no matter whats the consequence, and she wouldn’t take crap from anyone no matter who they were)
  • Edgar Stiles (He was an extremely good Analyst as well, and he stuck his neck out a few times in his querky way, I was saddened that he died)
  • Milo Pressman (Another analyst thats smart and he helps Jack out when he can, good guy!)
  • Morrison O Brian (He is a the sarcastic british analyst who I can’t get enough of, smart and funny, always finds a way around)
  • David Palmer (A great man who always supported Jack, and gave him the necessary power!)
  • Aaron Pierce (Secret Service, protecting David Palmet and up until Season 5, a great man)
  • Wayne Palmer (The Brother of David Palmer, he proves himself! Great Guy)
  • James Heller (Secretary of Defense in Season 4, he supported Jack and employed him)
  • Audrie Heller Raines (She worked for her father, and also fell in love with Jack, and Jack loved her, she cared for Jack)
  • Paul Raines (Season 4, He was a bit of prick, seperated from Audrie, but later on proved himself to help Jack a lot)
  • Bill Buchanan (He was in an administrative position but always putting his neck out for Jack, so he’s got my vote!)
  • Curtis Manning (Tactical Head at CTU, he helped Jack in lots of situations and he was put in some tough situations)
  • Habib Marwan (He was an extremely intelligent terrorist who is the bad guy you love, he was acceptable to being Jack’s enemy)


Those who make 24 interesting!

  • George Mason (Season 1 – 3, Sometimes hindered Jack but helped in the end.)
  • Ryan Chapelle (Season 1- 3, he was an annoyance to Jack, but his end is what won me over)
  • Mike Novik (President Palmer’s assistant)
  • Kim Bauer (She was good sometimes, but I think the show is better without her, her side stories were very annoying after a while.)
  • Kate Warner (Victim in Season 2 that works with Jack)
  • Chase Edmunds (Jack’s Partner)
  • Tom Baker (Swat guy that supports Jack!!)
  • Ramon Salazar (Season 3, They were the ones who were getting the virus and between the two Salazars they were an interesting combination)
  • Hector Salazar (Season 3, The angrier one of the brother)
  • Claudia (Season 3, She fell for Jack Bauer from the Salazars just like every women should)
  • Stephen Saunders (The other bad guy from Season 3, he was a cool English bad guy, I liked him)
  • Behrooz Araz (The poor young persian guy who was almost killed by his father, and even after helping CTU he was taken by the terrorists, poor guy was really screwed!)
  • Lynn McGill (He was the guy who came from the head office trying to run CTU on Season 5 trying to push Buchanan aside, it was funny seeing them handle him, he was annoying but at the end he was ok.)
  • Cheng Zhi (He was the guy from the Chinese consulat that was chasing after Jack, it made things interesting)


Those who I want dead.

  • Nina Myers (She betrayed Jack, that is all) (Dead)
  • Sherry Palmer ( I hated this bitch from day one!) (Dead)
  • Victor Drazen (The Drazens were full of themselves, and they deserved what they got) (Dead)
  • Andre Drazen (Dead)
  • Alexis Drazen (Dead)
  • Marie Warner (She was nuts, I was happy she died!) (Dead)
  • Peter Kingsely (Prick, he thought he could get away with what he was doing) (Dead)
  • Navi Araz (Bastard tried killing his wife and kid for the cause! Now thats screwed up!) (Dead)
  • John Logan (I hated the bastard in season 4 as Vice President and Season 5 as President! He was an ass and desereves to die!)
  • Miles Papazien (He was an annoying prick in Season 5, an administrative guy who was always slowing Bauer down!)
  • Graem Bauer ( I hate the bastard and its simple as that!) (Dead)
  • Christopher Henderson (He is supposed to be Jack’s mentor, but turns out he is the bastard that is trying to kill him!)
  • Walt Cummings (Season 5,Worked with John Logan, he was trying to kill Jack and a complete ass, I wanted him dead!)
  • Thomas Lennox (He is an annoying bastard in Season 6, I dont know whats going to happen to him but I want him killed!)
  • Abu Fayed – (He pisses me off, I can’t wait until Jack puts a bullet through his head!)

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