G 650 X-Series


BMW has revamped its G 650 to suit different tastes! My favorite was the Xmoto from these three, each one presents a different video of what you can do with it. From dirt to asphalt these bikes cover it, these bikes are agile to say the least and very light. Check out the video they are pretty fun.

Link: BMW

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I’ll say I’ll pick the Xmoto for me! The Red-Grey body is just the right colour! It seems light and pretty nice to handle too. I did like the Xcountry too. But it’s more aggressive look for my taste! It could be perfect for my husband who likes driving off road every now and then!

    Blue is not my colour even though my mum always says it is! So I’ll leave you the Xchallenge! ;)

  2. The picture of the X reminds me of my Graphics card box LOL! The new one!

  3. Nora: loool! I still want the X-Moto, I wish I could ride like that but I’m no way there yet!

    Jacqui: loooool! Just because you bought a new pc! hehehe

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