This is the coolest minimalistic desk I have ever seen, its made by a Scandenavian Designer. This table is so simple looking yet as more compartments uses then I’ve seen from any table. It has a cable compartment, entery and exit for the cables, there is a compartment on the right to put files or magazines, the squares on the left can be used for multiple things such as an aquariam, garbage bin, storage, and few other things, and the one thing this table does is it can go up or down electronically. This table has the works yet looks like its nothing. There doesn’t seem to be any price for it yet, but its damn cool looking.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Very uncluttered and just what everyone who uses a computer needs

  2. That desk wouldn’t work for me .. I couldn’t put my feet up!

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    It seems cool from what you say! But I don’t like the design! Too empty of love and colour as I see it! Your home is an art so every piece you put in it should talk to you!

    Maybe I’m just crazy! :D

  4. I totally would love it.. I love uncluttered space.. the cleaner it is the more productivity I can produce! For some strange reason really hehe my pet peeve is messy places although my room is a tiny bit messy :P

  5. i love it
    it looks amazing
    i really really like it

  6. jewaira: hehehe, I would get it but it would no where be enough for me! hehehe

    K: hehehe! Get a box under it!

    Nora: loool! Ur not crazy, its a matter of taste, I like this for a just a media spot! Its very nice!

    Jacqui: My room is messy bess hidden! hehehe

    Laialy: Lol! I know what you mean!

  7. Allla cooool… digital feeling… technoo feeling… abeeeeeh wain hatha? a7es u have to deal m3ah b hdo2 … ama il woody disk la idfsh weyaah! Hatha shaklla tharb … bs mayloog 7g my room wain a76a?

  8. Sum1: hehehe! This is for when you have that office where you want to do some work and keep it realllly clean! :)

  9. Mike

    You people are all such Apple-white-washed sheep. This desk is horribly unergonomic, ridiculous, and bulky. First of all, if one more person mentions “uncluttered” you are all officially oblivious. 90% of desks in the past ten years have had slots in them to pass wires and some have even offered compartments to hide the wires. Next, last time checked, all desks with drawers allowed you to keep your desk clean by USING THEM. Are you serious? Do you need four 8″ by 8″ by 4″ cubes to store stuff and one letter-sized slot 100 sheets thick to store some sheets? If anything, this desk would get cluttered faster than anything else and would require you to store your stuff elsewhere, making your life harder. By the way, you have a pillar right at you feet! Worst of all is that if you put too much pressure in the wrong place, it will fall since its balancing on a single rectangle (the bottom plate). Also, the surface is white and reflective, so laser mice and optical mice will have significant problems on it, so you will need a mouse pad. And best of all, for all you people who find yourselves constantly changing the height of your desk (I know I do… o_0) since you are unable to find a suitable height, try this: find a suitable height already! Finally, can you really call adding a fish tank to a desk minimalistic?


  10. Mike: Your comment made me bust up laughing, I want to see you with the Axe and a table!

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