ZDistrict 1 Yr Old


21st of February 2006 was my first Post

I would like to thank some people!

  • She helped me by putting this site together and helped me understand how the hell wordpress worked, and I annoyed the hell out of her on a millions things and for that thank you!
  • Jacqui:
    • Helping figure out what the hell plug-ins were and giving my site a 2nd revamp since I would have done a horrible job!

    When I can’t access my blog for one reason or another which is out of my control it literally drives me nuts, and I feel disconnected. I also what to thank all the people that constantly visit this little hive of random posts! I don’t think its a birthday but that my blog is getting more mature. Hopefully this will keep going for a while to come. I still have a lot to talk about and info to post so its going to keep going for a while.

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. Mabroukkkkk r u hosting a party for that?

    2. 1. testahil ya marzouq ^_^
      2. happy happy whatever
      3. i am one who is pleased to be able to read your random posts at all times of the day hehehe

    3. Happy Birthday!

      Dang we missed out 1 year anniversary too!!!

      Happy Anniversary Snookums hahahaha

      I love this blog even if I haven’t been commenting enough… I was part of it’s birth so it’s my baby too :P

    4. HBD!!!

      hey marzoog, u didnt by any chance go to UC Berkeley..?

    5. zoomzoom

      man good luck to you, your blog is one of the best if not the best blog out there :)

    6. Nora-Cassandra

      Happy Birthday! If you have done this in one year, you’ll blog won’t get except better!!

      I have been reading many blogs but yours have been the best so far! I told you it’s my daily Bible! And now my husband just asks: so what’s new from your sweet boger? I thought he might be a bit jealous me reading your blog every day, but he’s just so happy for the first time I can read for someone with out cursing and stressing!!

      I wish you all the best from deepest part of my heart! :)

    7. Missy-TheOriginal

      It’s only been a couple of months since I discovered ur blog but it makes me so happy to know there are kuwaities that appreciate literature, art, technology and the little simple things in life, I thought I was a loner in that world. I love walking in my office in the morning and the first thing I do is read ur blog while I munch on my sandwich. I wish there were more men like u, honest! It is a shame how the majority are running aimless and airheaded. It’s such a gift to see young people with depth and passion, keep it up. Alalh iwafgik…

    8. Happy Blogaversary Marzouq – the cool new Kuwaiti blogger :)
      Wishing you many more happy occasions.

    9. Happy blog birthday, and may you blog for a long long time. Your posts are always interesting and fun.

    10. Way to go maintain your amazing blog!


    11. Purgatory72

      YA7LEEELK, one year :) nice to have you around.

    12. mustafa

      Congratulations marzoog ,I hope This site will become a global continued , Where is the Kick :)

    13. Congrats man! Your blog definitely ranks high on my ‘must visits’ list.

    14. lfc-Q8

      congrats… this is one of my fav blogs and man ur doing a great job with it :) wish you all the best inshala in the future

    15. Mashallah, and I used to think that you were blogging for many years now LOL. It just your blog sounds (and looks) very professional…definitely one of the maturest blog around.

      Your blog is certainly the best around “safat” if I have to say; very informative and very coo, and very “unisex” LOL .I honestly learned many things from you. Keep up the awesome job Marzouq and wish you many years of success in the blogsphere.


    16. Awww Happy Blog-o-versary hehehe and there was no need to thank me hehhe you could’ve done it hehehe had you given it time hehehe and I’m glad that you’ve kept on writing for an entire year. It’s truly an accomplishment :D

    17. Happy blogday to you! Happy blogday to you! Happy blogday, zdistrict! Happy blogday to you!

    18. awww happy birthday bloggie..

      9araa7a amazing blog, mosta7eel i go on the internet without checking your blog.. 7ta bil uni while im in class i check it ;p

      3gbal years and years to come inshalla ;)

      keep up the good work, your doing great !

    19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zdistrict .. one of the best blogs aroud .. keep up the good work .. im gonna put it in my blog roll for easy access for ma Canadian hommiez :)

    20. congrats and happy blog annisersary

    21. MAZE: thanks! hehehe!

      Laialy: Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

      ananyah: Thanks! hehehe! Its all you!

      FUZZ: Thanks! Nope!

      zoomzoom: Thanks! I will try to not dissapoint you!

      Nora: Thank you very much! I’m happy your enjoying it!

      jewaira: hehe! Thanks! :)

      BLaSha: On a diet! lol

      Don Veto: Thanks! I hope to keep it going as long as possible!

      Stallion: Thanks man!!!

      Purg: lol! Thanks!

      Yazeed: Soon buddy! We started close at the same time!

      mustafa: Thanks! I dont see the kick! hehehe

      sabah: Thanks!

      lfc-q8: Thanks! And your comments is always appreciated!

      Angelo: hehehe! I have been doing artciles online for many years! I’m happy you find interesting info on it! hehe

      extinct: Thank you! :)

      Jacqui: Thanks! I have got too many things bouncing in my brain!

      Intlxpatr: Thanks!!! hehehe

      Amo0ora: lol! Thanks! Im happy you enjoying it!

      Dj x fader: Thanks! Happy you enjoying it!

      Zed: Thanks! :)

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