Real Idiots


This really pisses me off, I was driving by residential park of Shuweikh going to Kuwait city for a meeting and I spot a guy and girl riding on a Honda Fireblade with no protective gear what so ever! And the guy was talking on his cell phone while the woman is sitting behind him. Both of them are dumb as hell for riding without gear, and she is riding with short length jeans and sandal like shoes! I was really pissed, this is what gives motorcyclists a bad image. The man riding didn’t seem young, but he was foolish. I didn’t care that they were riding together, but I was pissed that they were riding without gear. I hope they got home safely, but when they got there I wish I was there to beat some sense into them with my helmet.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Quoting one of the guys “e83aaaaaaaad” :D

    That is indeed foolish, I mean multi-tasking while driving a car or a motorcycle is just wrong. Oh well…Kuwaitis…cannot live with them, cannot live without “their foolishness” LOOL.

    PS: Not all Kuwaitis…because that will be absurd.

  2. Big B

    I totally agree with you mate, these people give us a very bad image, i at times wish i was a intelligence guy to stop them and take their licenses away.

  3. Jafar

    Big B , it is very likely that he does not have a ridding license and most likely has removed the number plate.They only have sense in breaking the law , but no sense of protecting themselves,,,idiotic acts are commite by idiots with any vehicle so no need to worry about the image of other sensable ridding people

  4. I would have tried to race him .. then watch him speed, fall and break something.

  5. last week i saw a guy going 150 ( i know cause i was going same speed) and he’s TXT MSGING.. .. and abviously no protective gear whatsoever

  6. Angelo: very true, it was pissing me off!

    Big B: I wish they would get a huge fine! They wouldn’t manage to get away so easily!

    Jafar: It is still very frustrating, and they view us bikers as a whole not seperated. Too bad they don’t know how to apply the law right without abusing the wrong people!

    K: looooool!

    Zed: What an idiot! It would kill him or seriously injur him if he feel off!

  7. Nora-Cassandra

    Oh!? Are they still doing that there in Kuwait? They did it 10 years ago and I thought they might be a lot less now! But seems that will never change!

    I remember they were asking me why I don’t get on a bike if there was no extra helmet for me!! Helmet saved my life! And I love biking but with my full gear and I like to go with the rules! It’s something people here in Finland do!! Obey the rules!

    I hope they got home safely!

  8. i am very curious to know if her butt crack was showing … cause her back sure looks like it was showing
    mako 7ayaa walla mista7aa

  9. Lol, I had the same though Laialy and when I moved the mouse to the photo to see if I can enlarge it I read what Marzouq called the photo which really got me laughing (motoidiots). Imbayin min galb!:) I also hope they get home safely, I just hope they get a ticket on the way or something!

  10. Nora: yeah they still are! it is a lot less, but it happens! Yeah, if you obey the rules people will be more respectful to you! Not acting like idiots!

    Laialy: loooool! I will leave it to your imagination! exactly, if she wants to ride she could have worn the gear fine.

    BoBader: loool! I want to beat them senseless, and I will leave the rest to your imagination as well! hehehe

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