Riding to Work


I’m quite stubborn since I really wanted to ride to work today and I’m happy I did. I still have a bit of a cough and a little running nose but I’m doing a lot better. It was fun as hell, this is one entertaining bike, it has a good amount of power spread out through its rpm range, and a good amount in the beginniing which was good since I’m just taking it easy. I was happy taking it around corners and this bike flips side to side very easily.

It has this Italian retro look to it, but it has the newest technology worked into its suspension and chasses, you feel it while riding. I really like the tone of the engine and the exhaust it gives a very intense feeling.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! And happy to hear that you’re riding again. It seems like a nice piece there! Not my style, but still good bike with a good judging rider! :)

  2. Nora: thanks! it was fun as hell! It isn’t my style but EXTREMELY growing on me! Its like an Italian with attitude! Seriously!

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