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Tristar Visit


Well I went to try star on Wednesday for a bit to check on Robo, and I was happy to see that they had him inside the garage and covered. But they also had something odd in the back which was covered which seemed to be also pretty interesting. I went there to drop of a few upgrades that I got for Robo while I’m waiting for the parts to arrive.

Parts Im installing:

  • LED Breaklight
  • Adjustable Lever Set
  • Rizoma Paralever Set
  • Rearset Carbon Fiber Add Ons

I’m also happy they are fixing up the garage’s interior to give it more space for them to work in. I wish it was one of those high garages, but I can only ask so much there service is great and a very friendly staff, so I would want that over a really nice garage, hopefully they will have a nice garage sooner rather then later.