WD My World Book Edition II


It seems Western Digital is coming out with some new Network Area Storages.

It comes with a Gigabit Ethernet Connection and has a USB 2.0 expansion slot more storage drives. It comes in this new sleek white look, and since I have the My Book Premium Edition I really like this solid build and look. This one is a little wider since it comes in two version. 1 TB for $479 and 500 GB for $279 and both of them are Raid 1 capable to keep your data safe.

The nifty feature of this NAS is that it has a piece of software which lets you access it over the internet directly from work or abroad as a standalone unit so that you can put things in it or take things out as if you are at home, which seems to be an interesting feature and overall I think the price is extremely reasonable.

Link: Engadget

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  1. The price is reasonable .. but I would wait until the 1TB drives are released; thats when the prices will drop heavily. They are currently using complicated chipsets with RAID to create the 500gb + 500gb.

  2. K: They are always going to drop, and as soon as the 1TB drives drop things are going to get interesting! Its like getting to the 1GB mark a few years back, things will start jumping again!

  3. Missy-TheOriginal

    Abi, the book premium edition, the one you posted about min ziman. This is too big. Should I awa9i a7ad to get it min dubai, it’s cheaper? willa can I find it in kuwait?

  4. Missy: You can find it in Kuwait for relatively cheap! Hawally has them, I saw a couple and thought they weren’t too badly priced!

  5. kaotik

    Had this drive for 2 weeks now. Port on back is listed as 10MB/s max transfer rate…. Gigabit ethernet won’t do much good for you IMO. Software is CLUNKY at best and very very buggy, should not have been released IMO. Got mine for 419.99 1TB.

  6. Jimmy

    Costco is selling the 1TB version for $344.99 (USD) in Colorado. On the mac, you plug it into your network and the mac sees it. No need for the clunky software.

    If you want to access the web interface, you need to figure out its IP address.

  7. Fayis

    I have an WD External HDD 1TB, i am not able to access either by network cable or usb, not even able to reset.
    please help me.

  8. Andrew Reynolds

    I just spent ages installing this peice of shit. Their farkin horrible. The drive is okay locally but the mionet software (req) is the f’ing worst

  9. Andrew: it is really annoying to have to use that software! It seems people are having mixed reviews about this machine!

  10. neil3037

    I just bought one with a 500G and works like magic. I can both access it over the network from home and work. Highly recommended. You need to access it first via the web on its configuration and on a sepearate pc needs to install activeX Control for Java to run.

  11. Joe

    These are probably the worst things WD has come out with. I have had nothing but issues with this thing. I set up the drive and was transferring 600 Gigs over onto it. After the first file folder it told me the drive was full and then would not allow me to access the drive settings anymore. The best part is the Drive does not show up on the Network anymore, and the name seems to have been changed. Tried resetting it, which does not work so this is nothing more than a paper weight or toss it into a book shelf and hope no one ever knows this piece of crap existed. WD offers very horrible support on the product as well. I know this because I get 3 error messages that WD has no clue existed on their own device.

  12. I have been battling my WD mybookworld 1T NAS for more than a month and have been only able to access it with that MIO rubbish which allowed internet access to my network without my permission. Dump that and there is no access via the formerly mapped drive options.
    WD have been totally useless in their so called help sections of the web site or personal emails requesting help.

    All I wanted was a NAS with gigabyte access, and USB to allow a network printer to run from it too. Nothing on either count.

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