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WD My World Book Edition II


It seems Western Digital is coming out with some new Network Area Storages.

It comes with a Gigabit Ethernet Connection and has a USB 2.0 expansion slot more storage drives. It comes in this new sleek white look, and since I have the My Book Premium Edition I really like this solid build and look. This one is a little wider since it comes in two version. 1 TB for $479 and 500 GB for $279 and both of them are Raid 1 capable to keep your data safe.

The nifty feature of this NAS is that it has a piece of software which lets you access it over the internet directly from work or abroad as a standalone unit so that you can put things in it or take things out as if you are at home, which seems to be an interesting feature and overall I think the price is extremely reasonable.

Link: Engadget