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I got up early this morning because I passed out earlier then I expected last night. I was really looking forward to riding since the weather is getting nicer and my cold is hopefully towards its end. I got up in the morning and I met with Mark at Marina Mall, and we head out from there. The weather was beautiful and the roads were empty. We started head heading North towards Souq Sharq and enjoying the road. We were taking the turns comfortably and when we got to the end we decided to stop for some photos and after that we wanted to get a bite to eat. While we were riding we caught a group of Harley guys heading out of the McDonalds parking lot, and then as we were heading back down the Gulf Road to go eat we caught the TriStar BMW/Ducati group on the road and waved as they passed by. It was nice catching them but we were pretty damn hungry and we only had one thing in mind to eat.

It seems the Kuwait has been vacated this weekend, either people are in the beach house or have left the country for this long weekend. My goal is to avoid the popular roads from 3:00pm onwards. So while we parked our bikes and walked straight to Le Pain Quotidien for some chocolate milk and whatever else we had in mind. I got a sandwich and Mark got an omelete which filled us up, while we were there we met up with Stallion, Nibaq, and K.theKuwait by chance. We even spotted a Benelli Tornado Tre, which is very rare and it seemed brand new and extremely nice. I think Benelli’s make very beautiful motorcycles and they are revamping their machines to be more reliable. I have always wanted to get a Benelli but they are difficult to get and even harder to maintain. After a while of chilling we decided to head out, and on my way back I was really enjoying the ride. The weather was nice and its one fun bike, and was enjoying my ride.

















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I don’t remember ever seeing a Benelli when I was living in Kuwait!

    I do see it more here in Europe, but still not as much as I wish I would. I love the shape they make their bikes! I was thinking for a while if I would buy a Tornado Tre 900, Ducati 999s or Kawasaki Z1000!! All my friends are Hayabusa crazy, but I will be going with one of the ones I mentioned!

    I also like the Xmoto you posted about earlier!!

    Yes and glad you had a day full of fun riding! :)

  2. I was so happy to meet you Zouq…walla ya reit min zaman…take care and hope to c ya again…:)

  3. it sounds like a lot of fun :)

    glad your having a good time on your long weekend while i go to school but have one thing to say SPRING BREAK IS NEAR :p

  4. After todays weather .. I am contemplating getting a bike.

  5. Nora: Yeah Benelli are rare in Kuwait. Hayabusas arent to my taste either, I prefer a bike that can handle as well as haul. Hayabusas can handle but a little too big for my taste really. I’m with you on the X-Moto.

    Maze: Same here man! Nicing meetng you! I will see you around inshalla!

    Laialy: loool! When you work you cherish your breaks! You know that! hehehe!

    K: I recommend you do! A Ducati 749S would be your bike, I know your preferences: Handling, Looks, Power, Style, and Passion. Thats your combination and the 749S is for you!

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    X-Moto looks like the thing for me. ;) But i don’t know about the prices yet! I’m not a rich single girl any more. :D
    So I have to plan things 2 years advanced!

  7. Nora: same here, the X-Moto looks cool, but no price! Honestly I would go for a few other bikes before going for that one! :)

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