Review: The Great Raid


This was a movie I really wanted to see since it showed the perspective of the US Prisoners had in the Japanese camps, and this one was in the phillippines. James Franco and Benjamin Bratt are the two main actors in this movie, James Franco is known as the James Dean look a like and I really enjoy his acting. Especially in this movie he did a really great job acting out his part. This movie is split into two story lines, those men who want to save the US prisoners in the Prison Camp, and the men in the Prison Camp. There are better movies out there but overall this is a good movie and entertaining.

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    Not my type of movies, but I’ll tell you if i liked it after watching it!

  2. I saw The Great Raid. It’s a war picture. The R-rating is for the real footage of the camps & soldiers complete with violence! Didn’t like that aspect. Yes, Franco does a good job with what he has to do, barking out orders humanely & all the “Sir, yes Sir”s he has to say. I don’t know HOW he remembered all those lines of co-ordinating maps & who goes where with who, etc! But he did it! Bratt played a good key man, too. This is just one of those films I wouldn’t buy but would record all of Franco’s parts. Why? Becuz I’m a fan –

    – Dianna

    BTW – LOVE the blue bike pic! My husband used to have Shoei helmuts & we used to love to ride!

  3. Nora: cool!

    Dianna: Damn girl you really like Franco dont you! hehehe! I’m with you on the watch but don’t buy. Its a good movie!

  4. dia

    I added This Movie to My James Franco’s Collection .. This man makes me feel like a little girl all over again .. You can say i’m obssesed .. He’s Too hot .. I got the great Raid .. flyboys ..The company .. Spiderman 1-2 let’s Just say I got the whole collection .. If you like war movies you’ve gotta check The Thin Red line ..Amazing !!

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