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Nite Riding


There is something riding that gets your senses running at high alert and a strange feeling of calmness. My concentration is running on overtime and I love it since I’m trying to read the road as well as the cars around me. I love that the streets when they are empty, and night it is empty. Its a completely different experience riding at night, and you only try it when your comfortable with your riding skills since its a whole different enviroment of riding.


You should be comfortable with that road because even at night it seems like a different beast. While your riding there is a battle between your head and your head as your taking the next turn thinking can you lean any lower? Is this the Apex? Is the road completely flat? Its all these questions going through your head at light speed while you make your decisions and trust your instincts and practice. Practicing all the turns and being prepared for an unknown situation helps you prepare for this kind of riding. And its beautiful since a clear night is extremely beautiful. I was enjoy myself and I love flipping through this S curve going from Malik Faisal Highway to the Fifth Ring Road heading towards the Malik Fahad Highway. It was a nice ride back from my cousin’s place, and it got me thinking about night riding. I loved riding back from San Francisco since it was always a friend and I on the bikes with one or two cars with us too. We would be enjoying ourselves while they would try keeping up. Very nice.