Easy Night again


This night I wanted to relax again, so I called my cousin and told him I burned the last two episodes of Heroes and I’m coming over, reaction on the “Right Now?!?!” my reaction “I burned Heroes, you will finish Vangaurd by the time I get there so we can watch it and Smallville, be ready or I will kick your %@^@#” and then I geared up and got on my bike. He was lucky I needed gas so he can play his precious game before I force him back down so we can finish what we started, I couldn’t get the show off my mind and I was really enjoying the ride.

We watched episodes 15 and 16 of Heroes and it was EXTREMELY worth it! Holy crap things just changed, and it was amazing. I saw so much, and so much is going on its insane! Now I need the other episodes! I love this show it just keeps getting better!

We also finished season 5 of Smallville and the ending left us hanging like usual but things got really interesting and I dont know what Clark is going to do next. All I have to say is that I never get enough of Lois Lane. And whats funny is how much they play on the combination of Red/Blue and Blue/Red in this series. I know its his colors but you notice it all over the place and I enjoy that. I’m going to be downloading season 6 to atleast know what happened, it can’t be left like that.

The best part was grubbing on some shrimp chow mein while watching tv, I didn’t really care to eat anything else, I love that crispy noodles at the bottom.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. aaaawwwwwwwwww
    ur watching smallville thats cute
    i thoguht 24 guys dont watch smallville :p
    anyways .. the pic .. is deliciuos hehehe im obviuosly hungry

  2. HEROES is amazingly awesomeness all around, ain’t it, AIN’T IT
    it is driving me crazy … i can’t wait till tomorrow :D

  3. Wait until next weeks episode of Heroes, I just can’t get over the fact that we are almost done with the season :/ It just started getting much more interesting!

  4. no3ik: hehehe! I was hungry then too! hehehe! I have been watching smallville from the first day it aired on WB 6 years ago now! It was funny, I was watching it when no one knew about it and now its gotten all big! :)

    Laialy: yes! Its fantastic! hehehe

    Jacqui: I know its getting intense I just hope they don’t leave us hanging at the end of this season! I will kill them!

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