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Friends and Traveling


This an interesting topic especially here in Kuwait. People you enjoy going out with and chilling may not necessarily be the right kind of person to travel with. I have learnt from living abroad there are certain kinds of people you can travel with and its usually the kind that fit your style and are flexible to a certain degree, it could take anything to ruin a trip.

I’m the kind that likes planning somethings and not plan somethings, and I usually like going all out, not doing a half-assed job. I also don’t like cheap people, they completely get on my nerves, whats the point of going on holiday if your going to be stingy. I usually save up for a trip for a while before going, and if I’m going to go on holiday I usually don’t want to hold back because I want to enjoy myself and relax. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending, but it is usually about being up for a good time. And from what I have seen its surprising how stubborn some people can get in different situations.

Another thing I notice is when people commit and then back out, what is the point of committing if your going to back out, and its rare they have a good reason to back out. I pick and choose who I travel with, and since I don’t get much holidays in the first place I save up my time to travel with the right friend. And keeping the group small is key to a good trip.

This thought popped into my head because of the last couple of group travels that have fallen apart since people were canceling the last minute and details weren’t being ironed out because they just wouldn’t commit. Pick and choose who you travel with.