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Celebrations Really?



What I have noticed recently is that people have been using the memory of Sheikh Jaber and other past Sheikhs of Kuwait to plaster stickers across their windows. Whats sad is that very few might be patriotic the most are just using it as an excuse to have their car completely tinted. It doesn’t seem that celebratory to me, and the decorations that our government puts up is the same lights that they have put up since 1991. Its not as if this isn’t our independence day and our liberation day, there should be an event to remember the Kuwaitis that passed away fighting for Kuwait during the Gulf War and remembering our POWs.

I remember when I used to look forward to these two days to celebrate proud days in Kuwait’s history, and for some reason it feels like it has just been turned into an administrative holiday and nothing else now. Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I really do wish the government would get it’s act together and we can get Kuwait back on track.