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IKEA Visit


So yesterday my mother wanted to go somewhere to walk and so she said IKEA, I thought it was a good idea since I haven’t been there yet and I keep hearing about it. Its a bit hard to miss driving down the fifth ring road, so we drove in and I remember to park in the underground parking. I was suprised the place was packed full of people and everyone with their carts, kids, and family all over the place. I have to say that I like this IKEA more because things are more spread out and I feel like there is a better selection of things, since I was really familiar with the old store.

I find it funny when I’m always looking for the arrow on the ground, I bet if it wasn’t there people would really get lost. I have to say that IKEA brings together the biggest mix of people all in one place. It really is funny, I think it is probably the best place for people watching since you will see every kind of person and from every nationality in Kuwait. It was nice walking around there, I made a few mental notes to pick up a few things from there at a later point. That time was just a visit and I didn’t feel like picking anything up or waiting in those longs lines. I think they did a good job with the new IKEA.