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Unschedueled Shutdown


Today my host’s power went out and a few things went out with it. I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t access my site, but I tried access my dreamhost control panel and I couldn’t and always the last resort is checking Dream Host Status. This is a great thing about Dreamhost they keep you posted and even if it goes down they tell you what is going on so it is great, you are informed of what is going on and there are updates so you don’t feel totally lost.

Then later in the day my Firefox browser crashed because I 4 windows open with 78 tabs between them and I haven’t shutdown my PC for weeks so its acting a little “weird” which I find entertaining. It does a few weird things and I like finding these out. I restared Firefox and got it going again, thank you session saver, and I will restart my PC later in the week, I still feel it can keep on going.