Around on Monday


I went out for a ride on monday, but my MP3 player died on me which I didn’t mind I just warpped it up and put it in my back pocket and kept going. It was nice, but it seemed like there was a sand storm coming or something of that nature. There were almost no motorcyclists on the road, and I only saw one motorcycle in Marina yesterday. I was assuming because the weather didn’t seem that nice so people were put off from riding that day.

I saw two motorcycles as I was riding back home, one was a Honda Fireblade which was painted orange and black to look like the Repsol Honda and I have to say it was so banged up it really hurt to even look at it. Then there was a Honda CBR with the exhaust pipe cut out. I enjoy a nice sounding exhaust with a rumble to it, but cutting off your exhuast pipe and just leaving it like that damages your engine. It really does hurt to see these machines in such bad condition when I know they are amazing on the road, I don’t understand why they don’t take care of a machine which they ride at highspeed. Just sad, it was just enjoyable riding around but I had a few things to finish up, I want to ride another day when the weather is nicer.



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  1. No motorcyclists? Odd, it seems the weather looks really cool judging from the pictures you have taken. Which reminds me, may I ask what is the brand of your camera do you usually use in taking these “crisp” pictures?

  2. Angelo: I have the Sony M-2, and you have to use it in the sunlight and at the right angles to get the nice pictures from it. It was really Hazey outside and the roads were dirty so that probably why they weren’t out.

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