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File Organization

Yesterdays’ weather wasn’t the best and I went around riding in the morning but I had a few things I wanted to do while sitting at home which was to go through my video files and organize them. I have so many series downloaded but they are in messed up locations and I dont even know whats being taken from me through Azuerus because the list is so damn long.

So I organized the following shows into each folders and I removed the tracker and files from the Torrent folder to get things organized:

  • Studio 60
  • The Class
  • Jericho
  • The Nina
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Transformers (All of It)
  • A few anime as well.

This helped to get things organized and I really liked that now I knew which episodes I had and which I didn’t so I would download more at a later point. I noticed that I have a surplus of shows so that I can download them later.