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Heat is Coming


It seems that the heat is really coming since I can’t even wear my winter dishdashas anymore so I wore a spring dishdasha I have only two of them so I will be using my summer dishdashas as well.

I dont know when I get off work and the sun is still out and I have some good music going I feel like its just such a good day when driving
This combination makes for a great drive:

  • Flowing traffic, so your moving at a really good pace
  • Sunny outside
  • Really good and relaxing music, making you feel that your in a different place
  • Cool air hitting you

When driving with this good combination I’m really somewhere else sometimes, feeling like I was in a San Diego or San Francisco. Just totally being out of it and it comes to end when I get to my destination.

With the heat coming I just hope it doesn’t get very hot quickly since I still want to ride more and get some good riding without the heat.