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Krell Evolution 707


I have been looking into a highend A/V reciever to upconvert to 1080p as well as handle multiple inputs and output to the output of my choice. With all the bells and whistles of top technology. I looked at Marantz, Denon, Surefire, Onkyo, and a few others and I have ended up with the conclusion that this is the best A/V reciever currently out there. There will always be something better coming out at some point or another, but for a real home theater with the right setup this is the perfect reciever and it has every type of Audio and Video processing, but it has to be used with the highest components. I don’t even want to start quoting the technical details since I only know about 70% of the information that is being said, but it still covers the bases. As I said before it has to be justified to take something like this since the price of it is between $18’000 to $20’000. I saw the price after reading all the information about it, and it was like a shot in the foot. I won’t say its price isn’t justified, but you have to justify buying something with this type of techonolgy. If you want the best then this is it.


Link: KrellOnline