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Crackdown XBox 360!



The next crazy game for the XBox 360! I have been waiting for this game and its been out since 20th of February. For once you play a cup trying to take back the city from three different mobs and its just like Grand Theft Auto but backwards this time. The other part is that it has a lot of interesting part that you can start to develop your characters’ powers so that he seems superpowered. I don’t stop hearing good things about this game, and it seems those who play this game don’t sleep much so if I jump into this wagon I won’t be sleeping much either just like when I played the latest Grand Theft Auto on PS2.

You can develop the character’s skills and you can tackle any mission such as going head on guns blazing or stealthly which is different then most games of this nature.

Just looking at the GIZMAG review of the game, I really just want to play and do nothing else! It reminds me of a little while back when I didn’t do anything except play a game until I finished and then finished it again, and with these types of games there are no ends so you spend days doing this with very little sleep. I’m very much looking forward to it.