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Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Hadon


I got this book as a recommendation from Max Barry since I enjoy his tastes in books. This is the story of an autistic boy named Christopher Boone who is trying to discover who killed the dog, and he tries to figure out prime numbers and multiples of two to calm down. He goes through this world as if it is a shock to his senses. This is a smartly funny and very heart felt story about the young man and living his life. You want to see how he goes about doing things we take for granted, and how difficult it is for an autistic person to understand emotion so he finds it easy to understand animals and numbers since they are logical. Your heart goes out to the young man and his family and you really are viewing things from his point of view. This book has broadened my outlook and my hat goes off to the other for making such as simple story so reviting by giving it from the point of view from this young man, and what his family goes through is what many go through but also they are very understanding towards him. This isn’t a book you pick up everyday, but worth a read because you really do feel you were touched as well as learning something new. It’s an easy story to read but it will have a lastin affect.

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