Sea Phantom


This is one insane looking machine! It travels extremely fast on the water surface with a full fledged suspension system to cushion the ride correctly while going are triple digits speed. Usually on water your banging against the water especially at highspeeds, it gets a little rediculous. So they have developed this 5 seater which seems to do an amazing job of just skimming over the water and making it seem effortless. Its not on sale yet, but they might be employing for the Navy Seals. And they currently developed it with an inboard engine.





Link: Sea Phatom

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  1. looks like a hybrid of a plane, a shark, a jet-ski and one of those black and white whales at Sea World… nice and sleek, but sorta too long lol

    i wanna go to Sea World.. *sighs*

  2. sinan

    that looks like, shamu the whale on crystal meth XD

  3. Swair: the name fits it. The Phantom! hehehe! Seaworld 3aad!

    sinan: loooooooool! I thought probably on E with that much energy!

  4. hey this is the coolest invention… i researching the phantom for my buisness project… it caught my attention… and that name fits it… and it really looks like a whale

  5. samanrave

    how much is this ?

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