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Vehicle Registration


Now this was an interesting event. My Landcruiser has almost no modifications to it what so ever with a light amount of tint, its more for this unbearable heat then anything else. So atleast in the summer I can touch my steering wheel after having the car on for 10 mins with the A/C on.

My vehicle registration was about to expire so I need to get the police vehicle check done. They usually take a look at your vehicle if its in working condition and your insurance and thats about it. This time the cop said my windows are tinted so I should remove them, and even with a little “help” they were saying that they would get charged for letting this vehicle through. I said thats rediculous and why are they concentrating just on the tint when they are letting banged up vehicles and smoke coming out to pass but not a light tint. I said you can see inside the car, this is for the damn heat but they still wouldn’t let it through. So I removed it myself to get it over with and it was hell to remove it, but I didn’t care. And I told them after they sign-off the paperwork I’m going to get it tinted right away and then he looked at me and he just signed my paperwork.

Then I went to Llumar and got my landcruiser tinted again, it was just two front windows they didn’t even notice the back and front were tinted. This whole process was just rediculous, the car is perfect working condition with almost no modification and so I was really annoyed. They are focusing and dumb things when they should be taking care of other more important things.