Lite Night

Heading over to my cousins I had a couple of DVDs in my motorcycle jacket. One was Heroes Episode 17, the other was Stargate Atlantis, and the last was the first episodes of Friday Night lights.

I have to say that the last Episode of Heroes was insane since now there are new players and characters in the show which have made it that much interesting. I really wasn’t expecting it to get this much more insane, but it did and I’m loving it. I wish I had more episodes, I can’t wait to get the new episodes.


Then we started watching Friday Night Lights and I knew it was a good series, and I really enjoy football. I was expecting the series to be pretty good but it turned out even to be better. I was annoyed I only managed to burn only two episodes I should have burnt more episodes. Its one hell of a show and I love football so its a great combination, from the start there is drama and action. Also it helps that there are some hot looking girls in this show not just one so its going to be interesting.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL I can’t believe we are almost done with Heroes for this season, and the last episode was so awesome I couldn’t believe that they reached this new level of achievements. Its sad to know that there are Heroes that we know that’ll be leaving the show every few episodes :( I don’t want them to get killed.

    As for Friday Night Lights, it really is very interesting the way it is shot aslan makes you think its such a different type of show, never before did you see a TV Show with shakey camera shots and so forth, but I hate Lyla Garrity!

  2. Friday Night Lights? Awal marrah i hear of it.. shelsalfeh?!

  3. Jacqui: Looool! I dont even know Layla Garrity yet! hehehe! I know what you mean about Heroes! I want them to live too!

    MSB: Its a great TV show, you should check it out!

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