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Minimal Tasks


I woke up early this morning looking forward to riding but when I saw the wind factor and the amount of sand flying around I came to the conclusion that I would probably be blown off the bike so I decided to go back to sleep or at least lay in bed for a little while longer.

By the time it became 11:30 am I got up and had a few things to take care of but I mostly wanted to get a large amount of anime and gaming done today.

Then I headed to the basement to get things started.


  • 3 hours of Lost Planet, not all at once since it does get a bit tiresome since sometimes I have to repeat. Its a hell of a lot of fun controlling those big robots, and still have a chance to beat them if your robot gets destroyed. I like how the life bar of the player is and it depends on the amount of thermal energy you have to rebuild your life bar. It isn’t difficult but you have to be persistent and it needs some tactics.
  • 11 Episodes of Chrono Crusade, I’m really enjoying this anime and storyline is good with lots of action and just the right amount of comedy and drama. I like Rosetta since she keeps things interesting, and Chrono seems to be the character with a lot of power, but only when extremely needed. I still have 13 more episodes to go, but at this rate I will finish them soon.

It was nice just to play video games all day and watch anime, it was relaxing. I just kept on switching between the two.