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24 Insane Auction


As Mark has already posted I lost a very important bid, probably the most important thing I could ever bid on.

How events took place: (All Kuwait Time)

11:00pm Saturday night:

I get a call from my friend in California. He says a charity at Stanford University is having an auction. One of the items is to play a role (even if its for one episode or one minute) on 24 and you get a signed script from the producers of the show.

He tells me this happened last year and the person had a blast and highest it went for was $3500. After thinking about it for 3 seconds (not thinking about whether to bid or not, that was already decided, I was wondering if I would take a bullet for Jack Bauer or be shot by Jack Bauer, either way I thought it is the best thing humanely possible)

So I said sure, there was going to be an online bid first and that was pointless since it was going to start the live bid at that.

Then it was emails and he sent me the link (24 Role Bid) to the bid that went up to $7500, I said damn but I’m still not out so I raised my limit to $10’000 and went to sleep. The bid would start at 7:30am Kuwait time.

7:30am Sunday Morning:

It started, the bidding was going crazy, it kept going up increments of 200 and 400.

I raised my limit to $13’000 since it reached $11’400, I told him GO FOR IT!

Then it was between my friend, the Partner of the Aspen Ski Company, and the Wife of the CEO of Callaway Golf. It just kept going, so then I raised my limit to $16’500.

Then at the women bid $20’000 right away, and then she jumped on herself and said $21’000. It sold, and I was shocked, I lost… 10 mins after that she walked up to my friend and said, “She wants to have Jack Bauer’s babys”

I was pissed. I was ready to go overboard for this one, I was going to spend what I’m saving up for a bike to get this role! And bamn, all gone. I know some people might not approve of this but to hell with them. Its Jack Bauer, damn it all. I have a lot of things I want to say to that woman, but if I saw her I might kill her! Damn it!