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Misplaced Maybe..


So after a hectic day at work I wanted to go and I looked at the watch. It was 5:30pm, I really don’t like it when the sun sets before I get home, but the workload didn’t permit me to leave at the normal time. When I decided to go, I couldn’t find my keys. I usually put my Landcruiser key on the desk next to my wallet, sunglasses, and pen. This time I really couldn’t find it, and the other possibilities was that it would be at my boss’s office or my colleague’s office which both were locked so I was out of luck.

After searching for 20 minutes I decided to give up and call home because I know they have a spare. I asked them to send the driver with the spare to my work. So while I was stuck there I finished up a couple of needed emails which just helped me finish a few more things. I was really annoyed that I lost my keys, I’m going to be searching for them, but I never thought I could lose my keys in Kuwait, this is a new one for me, but I’m lucky I was at work not at a random place. It felt really funny and every friend that called was laughing their heads off that I was stuck there. None of those bastards offered to pass by, and I told them that if ever they get stuck I will go back to sleep while they are stuck there! hehehe