Misplaced Maybe..


So after a hectic day at work I wanted to go and I looked at the watch. It was 5:30pm, I really don’t like it when the sun sets before I get home, but the workload didn’t permit me to leave at the normal time. When I decided to go, I couldn’t find my keys. I usually put my Landcruiser key on the desk next to my wallet, sunglasses, and pen. This time I really couldn’t find it, and the other possibilities was that it would be at my boss’s office or my colleague’s office which both were locked so I was out of luck.

After searching for 20 minutes I decided to give up and call home because I know they have a spare. I asked them to send the driver with the spare to my work. So while I was stuck there I finished up a couple of needed emails which just helped me finish a few more things. I was really annoyed that I lost my keys, I’m going to be searching for them, but I never thought I could lose my keys in Kuwait, this is a new one for me, but I’m lucky I was at work not at a random place. It felt really funny and every friend that called was laughing their heads off that I was stuck there. None of those bastards offered to pass by, and I told them that if ever they get stuck I will go back to sleep while they are stuck there! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i’d check to see if the land cruiser is still in the parking lot :/

  2. maybe you locked your keys in the car?

  3. joud: It was still there! hehe

    Pearls: nope, I wouldn’t lock it then!

    3baid: hell yeah it is!

  4. this post reminded me about all the times i freak out thinking i left my car keys IN THE CAR, although i think it only happened once :/

  5. it happens sometimes man…bes ur friends are sooo mean…:P…make sure next time if they get stuck just screw them….:P

  6. I hope you find them eventually… it would drive me mad to know they’re somewhere in the office. At the weekend one of the girls walking the dogs at PAWS lost her car keys somewhere out in the sand in the fairly large area the dogs are walked. When she asked us to keep a look out, somehow I managed to walk directly to them… it was like watching Psychic Detectives.

  7. Laialy: Those moments happen! hehehe

    Eddy: I dont believe that works really!

    MAZE: hehe, it was just funny!

    moocherx: damn! Man, next time I lose my keys I’m calling YOU! hehehe

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  9. Nora-Cassandra

    I f you don’t like leaving work after the sun has set then you should never work in Finland in winter time! The sun rises and sets when you’re at work!

    My husband looses his keys all the time! I have to help him looking for them at least 2 or 3 times every week! He even has a spare one in a magnet box under the car because of that! I feel bad for you because no one of your friends offered to come and help!

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