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Impression: Ducati Classic Sport 1000


I have been riding this beautiful motorcycle around enough to get a feeling for it. It has a special taste and inviting feel to it, the classic retro look of this motorcycle shouldn’t fool you it’s engine, suspension, chassis, and brakes is of the 21st Century.

The Look:

I really think that this motorcycle has attitude and pizzaz which other motocycles dont. Each motorcycle has its own character and this one stands out among all of them. This isn’t the fastest or the best handling motorcycle in the world, but it can clearly hold its own. The red paintjob brings out the beauty in this motorcycle, and the most beautiful part for me is the tank, it looks very inviting and you want to just hug it as your riding. It is the best looking retro looking motorcycle I have seen, with its large headlight, multiple spoke rim, dual side exhaust, naked look, and side view mirror on the handle bars.

The Feel:

This motorcycle has a grunt feel to it which is what you feel with a V-Twin. I started this motorcycle up and always gave it at least 3 minutes to start-up before any ride. It has this inviting rumble to it, and your power band is between 4000 to 7000 rpm. This is a motorcycle that is meant to be ridden, you have two clear things to you which is your RPM on the right dial and Speed on the left dial, within each there is the temp(right dial), time(right dial), odometer(left dial), and travel odometer(left dial). The brembo brakes have a very nice bite when you squeeze them, both front and break. While riding and going through the turns you really do get the right amount of feedback through the steering which tells you if you can lean more and if everyting is ok. Communication with the motorcycle is key, and this motorcycle gives you the right type of feedback. You really get a good amount of power at the bottom to midrange which is very usable while your riding. The one thing I wish this bike had is more top end power to make it easier to pull away without having to change gears. The gearbox is very well done, its smooth and easy, it has never jumped gears on me and has been smooth on very turn. The suspension does a very good job of soaking up bumps on the roads where you don’t expect. I really think the suspension is good overall, but for the highend version of the sport classic I wouldn’t expect any less. The one thing which is standard with any air cooled V-Twin is the slight vibration between 1K-3K rpm when your in a high gear and give it throttle, its virbration you get used to so you need to drop it a gear to get it going and get rid of that vibration. The turning radius of this motorcycle is very good you can easily make a turns, and when you are riding along its very simple to switch from lane to lane, the center of gravity of this motorcycle seems to be in the right spot making it easy for me to turn and change locations as I deam fit.


A fantastic motorcycle that you really wish there were more curves to enjoy it with. Anybody who will own this bike will be quiet happy with it, it has the unique look, a real Cafe Racer, and enjoyable ride. There will always be faster, but I think this is more fun then most bikes I have gotten my leg over in a while. It has a few small drawbacks, but if you like this look this is the bike for you.