Sony Bravia Kuwait Prices

I have been looking around for screen prices, and the other day I popped into the Sony store in Kuwait, its sad that the prices in Kuwait is even more expensive then the UK which has a 17% Sales tax, and its still cheaper. In the US its even cheaper. I’m very much interested in the 52″ X series, but their pricing is really highway robbery.

X Series: The main features is 1080P, Bright Colors

  • Size: 52″ 2299 KD (Selling US: 1343 KD)
  • Size: 46″ 1399 KD (Selling US: 922 KD)
  • Size: 40″ 999 KD (Selling US: 700 KD)


V Series: HD, but not 1080p, Bright Colors

  • Size: 46″ 1199 KD (Selling US: 790 KD)
  • Size: 40″ 899 KD (Selling US: 556 KD)
  • Size: 32″ 499 KD (Selling US: 408 KD)


S Series: The standard one, not bad but not close to the quality of the ones above

  • Size: 46″ 999 KD (Selling US: 615 KD)
  • Size: 40″ 699 KD (Selling US: 470 KD)
  • Size: 32″ 399 KD (Selling US: 335 KD)
  • Size: 26″ 329 KD (Selling US: 277 KD)

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  1. The 40″ Vseries is selling for KD779 at Virgin

  2. I want the X Series 52″cher please :P

  3. Mark: This is from sony! They should be cheaper everywhere!

    Jacqui: then go get it! hehehe! loool

  4. lfc-q8

    Z lcd over plasma?

  5. It’s not like there’s a lot of HD content right now. Better wait it out, I’d say.

  6. lfc-q8: Plasma has better response time, but the current selection in Kuwait is leaning towards LCDs, the only good 1080P is the pioneer and it isn’t available in Kuwait. I have been checking it out, and any big screen is always the low end ones and very few features. Any ones with 1080p and HDMI its always the LCDs in Kuwait. For response time the Plasma is better the LCD, but LCDs has closed the gap so much its miniscul!

  7. Walla big difference in prices…that sucks!

  8. 3baid: Not HD content from sat providers, but keeping the quality high for HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray DVD, plus upscaling the quality of games on Xbox 360, PS3, and DVD upscalers, the quality is fantastic! And that is really worth it, but the prices in Kuwait is rediculous!

  9. lfc-q8

    3baid i`m getting 2 HDTV channels on sat :) on off arabsat which is called luxe TV HD and one off turksat discovery HD and both are free + the world cup art had a channel for HD u just need an HD humax recev… good thing i got one :)

  10. lfc-q8: very nice! Especially Discovery channel, now thats sweet!

  11. Carlsb3rg

    Have you checked other brands? Panasonic TVs seem cheaper, but dont know about the quality or if 1080p is available.

    I really wanna get 1080p :(

  12. Carlsb3rg: In tests the Sony is much better then the Panasonic!

    Carlsb3rg: The Sharp Aquos is really good, but as good as the Sony X Series, I checked them out at Best Buy last year. But the Sharp Aquos is very good and a good deal too! Especially the 52″ one!

  13. lfc-q8

    Z the pioneer is out in dubai and kuwait if not out it should come out soon call 2414728 ask for shankar the draw back to the unit is that it dosent have a tuner just inputs
    but the sony is awsome

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