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Found it!



The other day I misplaced my keys and got stuck at work for a little while so I was wondering where I could have placed it. So I passed by the starbucks that is walking distance from work, since that was last place I didn’t check. I checked into two offices but I didn’t find them.

When I went over to Starbucks there were some English people sitting in the chairs, and I asked one person if its ok for me to check the chair for a lost key and he told me to go ahead. I check the right side as I was standing and found the key. I dont know how it got in there, but I was happy to find it. But since that little incident I went to Toyota and made two new keys for the Landcruiser so that next time I wont worry too much. We have one copy and now three, and its they are all nice and new. I need to get me a small light key chain, and I have something in mind.