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So I was hungry after a long day at work, and I was happy I got some Chinese food. Some chicken chow mien, manchurian chicken, and spring rolls. I was happy I was eating that plus watching anime, I couldn’t have asked for anything more relaxing for then that.

The food was good and I was really enjoying Chrono Crusade since the episodes are getting more and more intense with the story picking up pace.


Then I was watching E! and they aired the True Hollywood Story (THS) of Friends, which brought back a huge amount of memories. I have to say that I love friends, and I still love watching the show if it is on. I do have all the DVDs from all 10 seasons, but I still haven’t seen Season 10 and I’m just waiting to watch it later. It brought back a lot of memories and I will watch it in due time. The show was fantastic, and I still love the whole cast.