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I get heartburn from certain things that I eat and its a few specific types such as greasy pizza, shishtawook with too much garlic, or a low quality burger. These are the things that I usualy avoid, fresh pizza like the thin crust kind or just fresh ingredients, but when its greasy like from Pizza Hut or Dominos it really has a bad effect on me so I avoid them. The other day I ordered shishtawook which had extra amounts of garlic, and I really enjoyed it.

When I woke up in the morning I got this painful sensation in my chest, and I drank a lot of water but still didn’t do much. I went and got myself a cold 7up and that helped a bit. I could feel it, right there with a light burning sensation I didn’t know if it was going to let up or going to get stronger. I knew that is was from the shishtawook and it was completely my fault so I’m not going to do that next time, but damn it was annoying.

I didn’t have any medication to take for heartburn so I went over to starbucks and picked up a Tall plain Mocha Frappachino and I have to say that it felt like the fires of London being put out. I felt so damn good after that. I try to avoid anything that causes me heartburn, and one of those things is things with lots of dough such as pizza or za’atar sandwichs or things like that. It just sits on your chest and doesn’t lighten up, so it isn’t the best feeling in the world.