I get heartburn from certain things that I eat and its a few specific types such as greasy pizza, shishtawook with too much garlic, or a low quality burger. These are the things that I usualy avoid, fresh pizza like the thin crust kind or just fresh ingredients, but when its greasy like from Pizza Hut or Dominos it really has a bad effect on me so I avoid them. The other day I ordered shishtawook which had extra amounts of garlic, and I really enjoyed it.

When I woke up in the morning I got this painful sensation in my chest, and I drank a lot of water but still didn’t do much. I went and got myself a cold 7up and that helped a bit. I could feel it, right there with a light burning sensation I didn’t know if it was going to let up or going to get stronger. I knew that is was from the shishtawook and it was completely my fault so I’m not going to do that next time, but damn it was annoying.

I didn’t have any medication to take for heartburn so I went over to starbucks and picked up a Tall plain Mocha Frappachino and I have to say that it felt like the fires of London being put out. I felt so damn good after that. I try to avoid anything that causes me heartburn, and one of those things is things with lots of dough such as pizza or za’atar sandwichs or things like that. It just sits on your chest and doesn’t lighten up, so it isn’t the best feeling in the world.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Really? We don’t have heartburn pills in Kuwait…eb America tar’rs :)

    I didn’t know that Mocha is good (and even better than 7-up)…interesting.

  2. Marzouq, doughs and stuff are heavy in carbohydrates not to mention when they’re digested they form a glue-like substance in the stomach. I get heartburn like you, which is why I eat wholemeal bread instead. Water was a bad idea because water ‘can’ cause heartburn by itself sometimes, especially “mineral” and might expand this glue-like substance from the dough. 7-up has gas and it would brobably bloat your stomach even more. Mocha has coffeine- caffeine causes acid ;)

    I suggest keeping Gavoscon in your pharmacy closet at home. I keep one by my bedside… Its a liquid anti-acid. Another is MELOX if you can’t stand the heavy shampoo-texture of Gavoscon. In minutes you’ll feel better, or try taking ZENTAC 74 (very mild).

    Matshouf shar..

  3. i have had a heart burn for over 10 years now. these would help:

    (1) Rennie: chewable pills u have after any meal or drink that may cause the heartburn. Its a temporary solution
    (2) Gastrimute: take one pill every morning 30 mins before eating anything and u will be able to eat and drink anything for 24 hours without feeling a damn thing
    (3) Gaviscon: very good stuff but annoying cos its a liquid in a big bottle so cant carry it around.

    Advice: stay away from maalox cos its useless and if any pharmacist gives u those mediccations that “cure” it, dont listen to them. its bullshit.

    But these r all temporary solutions but they can help u a lot. I myselg always have rennie in my pocket. Salamat man

  4. fonzy Gaviscon comes in small bottles!! I get them from our local
    coop pharmcay. Big ones are yucky even the taste changes after a few weeks.

  5. anyway i dont like too many medications… anti-acid liquids do the trick for me and then just leave your stomach to cool down for a few days before indulging into a pizza again.

  6. zouky, we are on same boat! I dont eat garlic at all, but other things like za7tar and spicy food gives me a hard time. 7up is a quick fix but the sensation comes back in a a while…I had a costa vanila frescato which is great for treating this… :D

    but I hate to take medicines for this…donno what other complications that may give in a long run.

  7. I got heartburn all the time when I was pregnant, nothing worked for me. But I’m sure you’ll find over-the-counter heartburn medications which might be effective on you, let me warn you though they taste horrible.

  8. lfc-Q8

    a cold glass of milk always works for me :)

  9. Carlsb3rg

    Marzouq, one word ‘ENO’

  10. Angelo: There is! I just dont have any! It just made me feel better, and felt like it was putting out a fire!

    Missy: Thats the wierd thing, items that cause acidity don’t neccessarily cause me any problems. 7-up and the Mocha Frappachino cool me off, but acid doesn’t seem to totally be the problem, it has to be something else also! I will check out Gavoscon. I dont care about taste as long as it puts out the fire!

    Fonzy: alah esalmik! thanks a lot man, I will check those out and see how much they help! I have had Heartburn for over 8 years now but I have just managed to avoid it really. I will get some REnnie and Gaviscon.

    Cyber: yaahhh!!! Zaatar really cause me problems! See you know what I mean, anything icey really puts the fire out! That is why I try to avoid medications completely.

    Pearls: I try to avoid medication thats my problem. So I FRappachinos have worked for me, but I need to avoid things that cause heartburn for me. I dont mind the taste, its really rubbery and thick from last I remember which I remember

    lfc-Q8: oh hell no, that causes huge amounts of problems!

    Carlsb3rg: I will check that out!

  11. I face similar problems at times, and honestly, a cold glass of milk cures it; although I try to avoid it at all times since I’m lactose intolerant. That’s where ENO comes in…

  12. Hope

    Dear Marzouq,

    Food is not the only factor that causes heartburn and discomfort in the stomache. The issue with heartburn is that the stomache thinks that you are eating something greasy and heavy so the enzymes in your stomache would start producing acids far more than usual so it can digest the food. The acid causes the opening of the stomache to relax thus food and acid move up in the esophogus and cause heartburn for a period of time, and an inflammation in the esophogus among other things like a disease that you cannot cure but only maintain.

    As I said food is not the only thing; cigarrettes, caffeine, alcohol, anything with fat and….STRESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    You seem like you stress a lot. Stop stressing ok ;)

    Avoid eating right before you sleep. You have to sit at an upright position so the food is all digested. Also, avoid eating heavy meals. Try to eat small portions during the day. As soon as you do all of that for a while and things get better, you can start eating what you like ok


  13. Dog

    Listen pal – you are exhibiting the symptoms of myocardial infarction.

    That is a heart attack and judging from your description of your diet then if you are not then you soon will.

    See a cardiologist even if just for reassurance.

  14. Dog: Thank you for the concern, I never thought its something that bad but I will have a full check up later when I do get a physical at some point.

  15. Kully

    Hey there, this isn’t really anything about heartburn but i need a picture of that specific pizza. If you could send me a e-mail back just allowing me permission please ADSAP it’s for an important project,
    P.S. i hope your hearturn’s a little better

  16. Kully: Sorry I don’t have any pics available but things have gotten better.

  17. sandy

    iam having troubels with my stomach alot iwent to the doctor and he said i have a ulcer problems he gave me motilum and rebec but its not working ifeel apain in my chest burn sometimes and ifeel iwant to burb evey 2 minutes its so weird idont know what to do and i always feel ihave apiece of food in my troat and the mouth of my stomach is blocked kind of its stressing me out.

  18. docbrown

    Hi Marzouq,

    I have had this problem in the past. It all boils down to a little thing called PH balance. It is the balance of acid to alkaline in your body. If you body becomes too acidic than it causes inflamation of the cells and if left untreated has been shown to make a person much higher risk of cancer. The bad news is that almost everything that we consume is acidic; however, there are good foods that are extremely high on the alkaline chart that will help off set this. I encourage you to do a little research on PH Balance and Alkaline and Acid on Google. Milk or anything sugary for me has actually caused me to have more heartburn, however, the little home remedy that has worked countless times for me is a lemon icy… NO not the kind that are all sugary… a homemade lemon icy. Take 2 lemons and a cup full of ice… peel the lemons throw them in a blender with the ice put a little bit of water in there and blend it up into a smoothie. I know it sounds weird, because you would think that a lemon would be in the acid category but it is actually one of the highest alkalines you can consume. Drinking these has not only helped at the time of need but turned a two year consistent problem into something I haven’t even thought of for the last year. Hope this helps you and maybe some others too.

    And may your health be blessed.

  19. Fashion

    God damnit that pizza looks real good!
    All that cheese rising in the air like a bubble gum being stretched, man i need to find $20 and call Tony’s pizza.

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